National Day of the Person with Visual Impairment

    A day that is celebrated with Equality

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    The reasons we have for celebrating events or decreeing commemorations are abundant, and one or many are celebrated every day.

    Like the reasons, the feelings that each of these dates provoke are multiple and varied and run from joy to sadness, but in any case, they always serve us to reflect and strengthen our attitudes..

    A commemoration that reminds us that no matter how different it may seem, we are all the same.

    Within the framework of the National Day of the Visually Impaired Person, this October 15, we dedicate this article to learning a little about visual impairment.

    When we talk about disability it seems that we are referring to a person who is disabled in all aspects of life, however, such an assumption is not entirely true, and over the last decades people with some type of disability have been demonstrating it.

    People with visual disabilities are twice as likely as ordinary people to have to face attitudes of confusion, fear and even impotence due to their disability, however that does not stop them from facing the world with the best disposition.

    For a long time they have made an effort to convince the world that despite their condition, they are an active part of society and through their activities in the different fields where they have the opportunity to exercise a function, they have shown that they can contribute as much as the rest of the people, despite the fact that they have historically been pitied, ignored and denigrated. Until the second half of the twentieth century, it was difficult for societies to recognize that people with disabilities have the same capacities, needs and interests as the rest of the population and therefore, there continued to be discriminatory treatment towards them in different important aspects of life . Little by little, the treatment and recognition of their dignity, individual autonomy, non-discrimination, respect for difference, inclusion and full and effective participation in society, has been penetrating to such an extent that laws have been created in their favor.

    What has allowed to improve and even regulate the treatment of them, since through these they have established their rights as citizens and productive individuals. All this has allowed the participation of these people in working life, in cultural, sports, recreational activities and inclusion of health promotion, inserting them into the active and useful life of society.

    On October 15 of each year, the National Day of the blind person is commemorated. It is a celebration that began to be celebrated for a few years. In 2012, it was established that October 15 would be the National Day of the Blind Person, a date on which talks and conferences are given where they seek to raise awareness about the need to know the rights that people with visual disabilities have.

    Some rights of people with disabilities are:

    Every blind person must have the possibility to enjoy the universal rights that are guaranteed to all human beings in the universal declaration of human rights that are recognized for all people.

    Every deaf and blind person has the right to expect that all governments, administrators, teaching and rehabilitation personnel, and the general public recognize and respect their ability and aspirations to lead a normal life in the community and their ability to do what.

    Every deaf or blind person has the right to receive the best possible medical attention and assistance for the recovery of sight and hearing, as well as the services necessary to use the visual and hearing capacity that they still have.

    Every deaf or blind person has the right to enjoy the economic security that guarantees a satisfactory standard of living and to find work appropriate to their capacity, and their attitudes or to engage in other useful tasks, for which the necessary education and training will be provided. .

    Every person with visual impairment must be treated as she deserves with due respect before society.

    Finally, it is appropriate to limit no matter how different we may seem, we are all the same. As a society in general we must unite for our rights and for a more egalitarian world… today we are breaking down barriers. Let’s move on.

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