New App Allows to Carry Your Passport and Health Documents on Your Cell Phone

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has welcomed this week, the first application that will allow travelers to carry their passport and their identification and health documents, tourist services, and payment methods on their mobile phones so they don’t need physical supports.

The application, called World Tourist Identification (WTID), has been presented at an event attended by UNWTO Secretary-General Zurab Pololikashvili, the company Wanderlust, which has launched it and has been reported in a statement.

The WTID will have two aspects, that of the citizen and that of the tourist, and in turn integrates four ecosystems: personal identification, tourist and commercial services, health (medical history, user vaccination certificates or traceability), and payment methods.

As far as the health ecosystem is concerned, WTID will allow the traveler to carry all their medical history on their mobile, which will facilitate their follow-up to the health authorities of the place they travel to, in case they need it.

Also, it will allow tourists to move around the territory safely and the traveler can also pay in hotels, public transport, or museums. Another of its advantages is data intelligence since WTID will allow you to create an information base thanks to the traceability that the traveler leaves in their purchases, visits, or leisure.

It will also allow better control of passenger flows in airports, ports, and other border crossings and, in this way, fight more effectively against fraud and identity theft, thereby reducing costs for authorities and countries.

WTID is in beta phase and its launch will take place this month in the pilot cases, as part of the dawn for a progressive normalization of the world tourism situation, to help make it a safer, more transparent, and agile sector for both tourists and operators.

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