Top 10 VR and AR Technology Trends To Try in 2020

  Technology has been gaining momentum day after day. Onset of newer levels of technology standards and platforms has been driving this industry to success.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are technologies that help create  3-dimensional world objects over and above the real world, giving a new meaning to things and richer experience to the user.

This 3-dimensional world has been going places and this article focuses on the trends that we think will rule their roost in 2020.

‘User Experience’ has forever been one of the most important and factored trends in technology development the world over.

Businesses have been looking for ways to provide that extra edge of realism and WOW factor to ordinary looking content.

The latest technology providing this extra dimension has been that of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). These are technology platforms that render all content including images and videos in 3-dimensional formats. Remember , 3-d movies and Pokemon Go!

Defining AR and VR  

‘Seeing believes’ and these technologies actually make you see things in their real-like

is perceived by the human eyes, ears and brain for some time, as their new world.

They require special gear like the Head Mounted Displays (HMD’s), specific software and some other devices to create the complete experience. 

Next comes the Augmented Reality. In concept, it is similar to Virtual Reality as it too changes the perception of reality for our senses.

But, the difference is that does not cut you off from the real world, as in the case of VR. These worlds come alive in the background of the real world through AR.

 Thus, it is less immersive in the overall experience, but equally awe-inspiring, if not more so. Moreover, the Augmented Reality worlds do not require Head-Mounted displays. Rather, they function for the naked eyes or now through lately developed clear visors.

 The oh so famous game. ‘Pokemon Go’ is an example of Augmented Reality entering our homes and lives.

As AR mostly does not require any special hardware attachments for the viewer, they are being viewed as a more ominous choice for the markets and its sellers to reach their intended customers.

What is trending in these 3-D worlds?  

Let us now lookout at the various AR and VR trends set to rule technology markets in the times to come:

  1. The COVID 19 Backdrop:

The coronavirus pandemic has spelled doom for the world and boom for technologies that have been supporting easy accessibility of businesses, data, and content from anywhere, anytime. AR and VR technologies are set to reign in here. As people are grounded in homes, they can wear a 3-d enabled headset and visit a 3-d meeting room or even a 3-d marketplace from their safe home itself. It is a new and trendiest technology for the creation of 3-d Marketplaces and boosts businesses.

2. Gearing Highest on the Gaming bandwagon:

 As of now, AR and VR have found their biggest consumer base within gamers who love to explore and play within 3-d worlds alone, or with friends. The trend seems to continue and the game demand is propelled to rise manifolds with gamers stuck up at home and free time on their hands. 

In a recent blog post, Oculus wrote about how it’s “constantly looking for ways to enhance the user experience…” one such way is the addition of public parties and a feature known as “Travel Together”. 

This is an excellent news for VR gamers who would now be able to easily and smoothly collaborate with their friends during games.

3. VR events are a reality, even in lockdown :

Social gatherings and PR events are banned for all during lockdown. But, a real time music concert is happening. Glastonbury’s Shangri-La event organisers had organized the ‘Lost Horizon VR Festival’ with a very interesting lineup of more than 50 players on the  3rd and 4th July, 2020. The entry was free (with a laptop and optional vr headset) with an additional premium pass. This is the future of events to occur. After all, limiting humans in homes, cannot limit human minds.

4. 3-Dimensional Education:

Covid times have enlightened humankind about the role technology can play in education. The famous Edgar Dale’s cone of experience suggests that a human mind remembers 10% of what it reads and upto 70% of what it experiences.

Due to its effectiveness in understanding and recalling concepts, VR and AR technologies are finding immense use in educational setups.

5. Healthcare offers Immense Scope:

With unprecedented growth of the healthcare industry, the VR entanglement and requirement for human body understanding, concepts and system knowledge,  has been gaining phenomenon thrust.

6. 3-d Simulations:

Everything and Everybody these days required training for employment, Testings and Updations. AR and VR allows development of real like 3-d simulations that effectively teaches and trains individuals with the requisite skill set. Many pilot training, engine testings, even basic life skills like mason teachings are nowadays being done using these technologies.

7. Rise in AR Apps:

Augmented Reality allows superimposing of created images and other content on current real backgrounds.

For Example: an AR-based interior design modeling app allows users to superimpose an app product on their current background and feel the difference. Demand for such kind of usability and richer User Experiences is on a constant high.

8. AR VR technology to get extensive and cheaper:

There technology devices behind these trending platforms are getting cheaper and smarter by the day. The heavy headsets earlier required by VR especially, are now being replaced by lighter and smarter devices. Infact, these may sooner than not, even be trending on 5g for a much faster streaming pace.

9. AI is Everywhere:

So how could AR and VR platforms stay behind. AI empowers these platforms to deliver exactly what the customer or the viewer is looking for with AR and VR providing an enhanced user experience.

10. Mitigating risks:

There are several work scenarios that if followed or not followed may involve  a certain kind of risk. AR VR enables creation of these real-like scenarios, without the risk involved.

For instance: A VR AR model helps scientists to understand reasons, reactions and effects to a passenger in an automobile during an accident or a house on fire.

Similar situations are difficult to create and thus analyze.  It helps people to understand what exactly needs to be done in similar situations, without actually entering that risk.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are technology trends that are here to stay. With higher internet speeds of 5G and more powerful process designs in the pipeline; they are sure to go places.

The concepts were earlier adopted by larger companies only, but now smaller companies are jumping on this bandwagon too.

These market trends for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality explain their tremendous growth and a very ominous future ahead. If interested, you could get them too.

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