Costa Rica Celebrates Science and Technology Month

The Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT), celebrates its 30th anniversary with the dedication of the month for science and technology in Costa Rica.

Every year, during this month, activities are scheduled to publicize the country’s activities in science, technology, telecommunications and innovation, and the work of MICITT as the governing body.

The origins of MICITT go back to the “National Program of Science and Technology” in the first government of Dr. Oscar Arias, when the appointment of Dr. Rodrigo Zeledón as first minister of the field.

During this period, the National System of Science and Technology was structured and established, officialized with the approval of the “Law for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Development” of June 1990.

This law included a legal restructuring, establishing the creation of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and makes MICIT the permanent coordinator of the national scientific-technological sector to promote the generation of knowledge and technology for the country’s economic development.

Twenty-three years after its creation, on June 25, 2012, Law 9046 adheres the Sector of Telecommunications to the MICIT, so from this date it is called the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (MICITT) and expand its objectives and functions.

“We are happy to celebrate 30 years of service to the country.

In this special month for us, we honor science, technology, telecommunications and innovation in Costa Rica.

During this time we will share important announcements such as the Recognition for Outstanding Scientist, the National Strategy for Bioeconomy and scholarship awards, with which we support progress towards a knowledge-based society and economy ”, commented the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications, Paola Vega Castillo.

During August the Ministry will offer a series of activities to bring Costa Rican citizens closer to science, technology and telecommunications.

The following is the schedule of activities:

• August 3: Start of the reception period for applications for the Clodomiro Picado Award
• August 6, 4 pm: Panel “The Role of Women in Science and Technology for Development”.
• August 6, 6 pm: Conversation: “Management of Innovation in engineering and architecture”.
• August 7, 9 to 11 am: Launching of the National Bioeconomy Strategy.

• August 10-17, 9 am to 6 pm: Training Program: Creating Paths for Digital Security Professional.
• August 13, 9 am: Webinar “Let’s Talk About Smart Cities.”
• August 13, 3 pm: The role of Telecommunications and ICT in the attention of national emergencies: the COVID-19 case.

• August 18, 12 md: Talk: “The MICITT: Science, Technology, Innovation and Telecommunications for Costa Rica ”.
• August 18, 4 pm: Talk: “Science and Technology are a woman’s thing”
• August 19, 4 pm: Talk: “Innovation and Gender”.
• August 19, 5 to 9 pm: Tech Together in AI.
• August 19 5:30 pm: Open Talk: “Crianza Steam”, the aim is to guide parents and mothers in the upbringing of their children, from the STEAM perspective and the use of technologies.
• August 20, 5:30 pm: Talk: “La Ruta 5G”.

• August 21, 5:30 pm: Talk: about Cybersecurity.
• August 25, 2:30 pm: Technical talk: Attribution of frequencies in the ISM bands of Costa Rica.
• August 27, 9 to 11 am: Technical Conference on the National Strategy for Bioeconomy and its digital platforms.
• August 31, 10:00 am: Outstanding Scientific Award 2020.

The Award to Outstanding Scientist is given every 2 years during science month to recognize the contribution of women scientists to the country.

We invite you to participate in these activities;
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