Mexican Series “El Chavo del 8” Goes off the Air in All Latin America

The popular television program “El Chavo del 8”, created and starred by Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” and which was still broadcasting mainly in Latin America, was taken off the air of all the channels on which it was exhibited, as was reported this past Sunday.

First aired in 1970 and with its last chapter recorded in January 1980, “El Chavo del 8” was removed from the television screens as of August 1st after, according to Mexican media, the actor’s family and the Televisa network would not reach an agreement on the rights of the series.

“Although sad about the decision, my family and I hope that “Chespirito” will soon be on the screens of the world again. We will continue to insist, and I am sure that we will succeed,” Roberto Gómez Ferán, son of the actor, wrote in his Twitter account.

Graciela Gómez, daughter of “Chespirito”, indirectly alluded to probable disagreements with Televisa, the largest Spanish-language television network. “It is a pity that those who benefited most from Chespirito’s programs today affirm that they are no longer worth anything. It gave culture, love, and fun to many generations of children. This kind of wealth cannot be quantified. Economic interests cannot be put first,” Gómez wrote on Twitter.

For her part, Florinda Meza, who incarnated the character “Doña Florinda” on the program and was the last sentimental partner of the actor that died in 2014 at the age of 85, regretted this decision, alluding to the difficult times the world is experiencing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Meza stated on Twitter, “The Chespirito program should not stop broadcasting? Although I have nothing to do with it, because I have inexplicably not been called to the negotiations, I think that right now, when the world needs more fun, doing this is an attack on people”.

The airing of “El Chavo del 8” was trending on Twitter with numerous messages of regret from viewers in Spanish-speaking countries, highlighting the values promoted by the program, such as friendship, solidarity, and honesty. However, there was also harsh criticism on some messages, especially from Mexican users, who considered that the program “denigrated” children and had “class” overtones.

After Chespirito’s death, Forbes magazine estimated that “El Chavo del 8”, which catapulted Gómez Bolaños to Spanish-speaking fame, had reported to Televisa about $ 1.7 billion as of 2014.

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