Companies Value Implementing Hybrid Modality for the New Normal

After months of their staff working under the teleworking modality, to avoid contagions, many important companies value implementing a hybrid modality -telework and face-to-face-.

A series of internal surveys by the Google company revealed that the “home office” is negatively affecting its engineers. They have lower productivity and communication since they work at home.

Optimal working conditions, as well as constant noise or distraction from other family members, are factors that impair people’s performance. For this reason, multiple specialists consider it appropriate to apply the hybrid work modality, which consists of attending the office one to three days a week and the rest remotely.

The executive director of the real estate company Every Costa Rica, Christian Von Breymann, explained that human contact improves efficiency. “Sitting down with a colleague to work on a specific project can be much more productive than spending long hours video conferencing or exchanging emails,” Von Breymann said.

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Homes, for the most part, are not designed for work. The businessman added that these spaces do not have enough light and do not have facilities to organize meetings or planning sessions. He also stressed that it is good for mental health to differentiate the spaces of the house and the office. “Teleworking poses a series of challenges for the mental health of professionals, including the difficulty of disconnecting from work and being able to relax at home,” said Von Breymann.

Communication between company leaders and their work teams will be key to inform about the details of this new modality. “From different schedules to rules for the use of common spaces, it is definite that teleworking is here to stay,” concluded the director.

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