How To Be A Successful Freelancer!

    The freelance increasingly takes more space, both in our country and in the rest of the world

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    Working today involves handling terms such as networking, home office, co-working, target, brainstorming or know-how. However, one of these words has had a special impact in the world. Due to the economic problems of that country and the state of its labor market, freelance work took more prominence, and with it came the freelancers.

    A freelancer is a person who is self-employed. They have no long-term relationship with any company; and their role is simply reduced to offering a service in exchange for money, either constantly or for specific times.

    The appearance of this practice is out of tune with the traditional labor market; in reality, it is oriented towards a permanent link with the company, fixed monthly salaries and contractual benefits.

    However, freelance increasingly takes more space, both in our country and in the rest of the world. But, why would a worker prefer the uncertainty of not having a fixed salary? Is it really better to be a freelancer than a salaried employee? Can everyone be a freelancer?

    To answer these questions, it is necessary to explain how freelance works and what its implications are. The freelance arose organically and naturally. Current technology, as well as many new professions of the 21st century, allows a single person to offer an excellent quality service.

    This possibility opens the door to not being dependent on a company. It is a path that gives the worker greater freedom either to decide who you work with, manage your time, or address your own projects.

    The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated this process and pushed many to work from home. Away from an office and after getting used to teleworking, a large number of people began to try freelance.

    Advantages of being a freelancer

    Better paying jobs are now possible, and purchasing power has improved for many. However, the cost of living in Venezuela also grew. For the foreigner, on the other hand; It is not as profitable to pay Venezuelan professionals.

    Although the international freelance lost some appeal, the national one gained weight. Freelancers prefer to work without long-term commitments with several companies, instead of marrying only one company.

    That is why a freelancer has some good points to take into account:

    Higher price

    As a general rule, freelancers charge more money for their services. The reason is that they use their own resources to work; that is, it does not generate passive expenses for the company.

    Avoid mistreatment

    The self-employed person has a less close relationship with his employer. It makes him understand that they are doing a simple transaction of services for money; so there is not really a boss-subordinate link. In this sense, there is less likely to be room for abuse. In case they occur, the freelancer can end the relationship at any time without major consequences.

    Work environment

    Possible bad relationships in the office are also avoided in the freelance context. The self-employed do not share an office with another group of workers; so friction and disagreement are not common.


    The freelancer does not depend on a schedule or attending daily to do his job. Your pay depends on the product you deliver. In this sense, the worker can be much more productive. Instead of heating the seat for hours with no real need; he can advance other projects.


    As there is no traditional link with any company, there are also no exclusivity rules. In fact, it is usual for the freelancer to work for more than one company at the same time. Therefore, the chances of making money are increased by working on multiple projects for different clients.

    How to start being freelancer

    The first steps for any worker who wants to become independent are difficult. Fortunately, the internet opens a myriad of windows for business.

    On the web, there are dozens of pages that manage freelance jobs. All have the function of acting as an intermediary between workers and employers. In return, they keep a commission on the payment made.

    This option is extraordinary because it allows the worker to contact dozens of employers and contemplate many projects, to select the one or those that best suit their skills and needs. Among the pages that can serve this purpose, Freelancer, UpWork, and Fiverr stand out.
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