Networking Days: the new way to make commercial alliances in Costa Rica

Innovation, prominence, and teamwork the key to success

On January 23, the Networking Days event was held at the premises of a renowned Art Gallery in downtown San José Costa Rica. In which a large number of people from all the productive sectors of the country gathered.

Networking Days is a Business activity with 16 years of experience where professionals and entrepreneurs meet to form business relationships, which helps them create and develop business opportunities. This activity encouraged alliances between participants and potential clients.

The objective of this event is to be the impulse for business to be strengthened in a fast, fluid and safe way. Where there are no barriers between entrepreneurs and investors. Also demonstrating the importance of social networks today, where they go beyond a simple like and a tweet.

For the organizers of Networking days, the keywords that a business must have are Innovation, Protagonism, and Speed ​​without limits and Risk under control.

Networking Days an event to foster relationships

In this event, the participants received a series of talks of approximately 15 minutes each, with a format similar to that of TEDx. Where the exponents talk about their experiences and share their knowledge. After that, attendees enjoy a cocktail in a space arranged for them to talk and form relationships within the framework of Networking.

The participants of the event were very satisfied with the activity and expressed the importance of this type of event for Costa Rican entrepreneurs. Because it allows them to grow professionally with the knowledge acquired, thanks to the feedback that was lived when sharing ideas.

Talks that inspire

The Networking day’s event was structured by segments, one of which was “Success stories”, which was attended by Daniel Yépez, a renowned “Spiritual Entrepreneur”, who is the founder of “Resonance Costa Rica“, a project which encourages work in a team-based on new technologies.

Resonance integrates, develops and enhances the skills of a creative and multigenerational group of people with similar interests and lifestyles in a community-oriented to live sustainably.

Daniel Yépez, of Resonance, sums it up like this: “New digital technologies allow freelancers, entrepreneurs, and companies of all sizes to deliver, and that’s great. We also understand that, for the new workforce, balance and growth does not mean working less, but working smarter. “

“This is achieved through collaboration; each individual provides what he knows best. All that while enjoying what they have to offer, giving and, in turn, receiving gifts from the entire community. ” This is what Yépez said.

It is important to know that the workforce is changed and will continue to evolve over time so that both companies and people must ride this wave and take advantage of all the advantages and opportunities offered by new technologies.

Currently, there is a modality of professionals and they are digital nomads, they take advantage of the freedom that technology provides for work from anywhere in the world where you are. These digital nomads have a healthy balance between their work and their personal life as their flags.

Mix business with pleasure? Why not?

In the past it was thought that mixing business with pleasure was a bad idea, this was canceled, thanks to the effectiveness of the coliving/coworking spaces, where services such as jungle gyms, Sunday Fundays, Costa Rican coffee makers, healthy snacks, and swimming pools, so that people can work at ease.

Resonance Costa Rica offers the opportunity to live in harmony with the natural world. Reflecting his gratitude for life. Resonance is a co-inspired community, dedicated to work, live and learn in community. ”

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