Envision Festival Announces Addition of Audiofly To World-Renowned Lapa Stage!

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    Costa Rica’s Envision Festival is excited to announce the latest addition of Audiofly to its world-renowned Lapa Stage for this year’s 10th anniversary.

    Known for around-the-clock deep house music, the Lapa Stage is the only stage where
    musicians are playing continuously throughout the day. Generating a deep house jungle party at all hours, the Lapa Stage is the perfect pass through as you are exploring workshops, coming from a swim on the beach, or just finishing your daily yoga practice. Musicians, fans, and staff come from all over the world to experience the top house-music artists that take over the Lapa Stage. The energy is non-stop and sends playful sounds and vibes throughout the surrounding area, calling people to come enjoy.

    As a leader of international, world-renowned house music, the Lapa Stage accentuates all of Envision’s pillars of sustainability, music, spirituality, movement, health, art, and education. The Lapa Stage capitalizes on the live music and dance elements that make up Envision Festival, inviting all attendees to let loose under the jungle canopy and move as one. The unique and exquisite lineup that makes up the Lapa Stage is an experimental place for artists to try out new rhythms and build the energy with the crowd as night time emerges. No matter what language you speak or where you come from, you can count on the Lapa Stage to intertwine you with the surrounding soundtrack of Envision.

    The headlining addition of Audiofly completes the biggest and best Lapa Stage lineup Envision Festival has ever hosted. From the desert at Burning Man to the deep Jungle of Costa Rica, Audiofly is pioneering new sounds in house music around the globe.
    Accompanying Audiofly throughout the weekend on Lapa Stage will be; Monolink, Jan
    Blomqvist, YokoO, Be Svendsen, Matanza, Stavroz, Manfly, Sainte Vie, Golfcap, Lum, Mira, David Satori, Eduardo Castillo, Forever Jung (formerly of Mandy), Amine K, Kora, Gab Rhome, Melissa O, Manumat, Traveler, Tim Healey, Driss Skali, Javier Portilla, Roschack, Cats Pijamas,
    Faceblind, Oneiro, Zach Walker, Dragonfly, Fernando Melo, Wizard, Neztha, Centaurus A, and DJ Mezi.

    The 10th Anniversary Edition of Envision’s Latin American Showcase is set to feature cultural icons and breakout acts from Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Chile. From Costa Rica, legends like Sonámbulo and Un Rojo will grace the stage, in addition to emerging names like Melissa O, Faceblind, Oneiro, and Bunny Wabbit, who are representing the brightest stars from top nightlife venues of the country. Also topping the Latin bill, the sitar rocking champions Santos y Zurdo brings a truly exceptional flare. Plus, monster Latin talent Matanza is returning with a DJ set serving up his signature brand of minimal funk, while Chancha Via Circuito is back tapping into folk-inspired instrumentals with rhythms rooted in cultures of Peru, Mexico,

    and Columbia. For those who like it with spiced like the city, the Venezuelan sorcerer of sizzle Eduardo Castillo and Argentinian maestro of sexy soul El Papachango are both arriving to introduce fresh, fun and incredibly unique sounds from Los Angeles.
    The Lapa Stage holds to Envision Festival’s 10th-Anniversary celebration and extension of its 7-day immersive spiritual and music retreat. Bask under the Costa Rica sun for a week centering around Envision’s 7 pillars and walk away with practical knowledge and deepen your passion while studying with world-class teachers and leaders in permaculture, spiritually, yoga, and music. Take excursions from site to local waterfalls, enjoy beautiful beaches, learn to surf, ride horses, enjoy live music in the village at night and take part in unique opportunities and self-actualizing ceremonies only available in this more intimate setting. Enjoy your onsite accommodations at no additional cost for the extra days. Join us for this 10th Anniversary celebration from February 17th-24th. You don’t want to miss out on the world’s biggest celebration of life, sustainability, and music!

    Ticket Prices are as follows*:
    VIP 4-day: $699
    VIP 7-day: $999

    GA 4-day: $349
    GA 7-day: $649
    *Plus taxes and fees.
    RSVP on the Envision 2020 Facebook Event Page and sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop with Envision Festival announcements, along with news, updates and much more!
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