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    Instagram Will Update its Policy on Nudity

    Instagram announced that it will update its policy on nudity, especially on photos that show breasts, in...

    How to Safeguard Your Security on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook

    Social Networks are here to stay and millions of people of all ages around the world use them, so it is important that users and parents know how to control them correctly to prevent cybercriminals from taking over their profiles and personal information

    We Return to the Past with a Good TBT

    In the world of social networks, there are many symbols, signs, emoticons that become fashionable.


    Costa Rica is a slice of land in Central America that separates the Caribbean Sea from the Pacific Ocean. It is a place that...
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    Selecting The Right Social Media: The first step to business success

    It is a fact that in this century the way to success could be easier than what some people think, at least when we...
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    Some Facts And Numbers That Can Tell You More About Instagram And It’s Potential

    Who doesn’t love Instagram? At least we know about over 600 million users that eat and breath, and sleep for the photo sharing app!...

    The top 7 yoga Instagrams you HAVE to follow

    Join the movement celebrating International Yoga Day June 21st 2016, for the second year in a row, Costa Rica is one of the best countries...

    Netflix Offering $2,000 a Week to Instagram Extraordinaires

    Earn a total of $4,000 USD over two weeks just by traveling and posting pictures on Instagram. Are you an Instagram buff? Have you mastered...

    6 Costa Rican Instagrams to Help You Feel Pura Vida

    Get your daily dose of pura vida sent right to your phone. What is pura vida? The simple Costa Rican saying literally means “pure life,”...
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