How to Safeguard Your Security on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook

How to Safeguard Your Security on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook

Social Networks are here to stay and millions of people of all ages around the world use them, so it is important that users and parents know how to control them correctly to prevent cybercriminals from taking over their profiles and personal information. When you sign in to TikTok the account is public by default, which means that anyone can watch your videos, send direct messages, and use your location information. “Given this, all the privacy settings in the accounts must be activated, so that only the people you know can interact with your videos or send them messages in the application.

To achieve this, you have to create a private account or change the settings of comments, duos, reactions and messages to “Friends” instead of “Everyone”, At TikTok the videos are divided into two categories:

Public: Public videos are uploaded to the TikTok server and will not be deleted, even if the user deletes the application. They can be seen by other users while the account is public in the settings. If you switch to a private account, only your fans can see your videos.

Private: To ensure your privacy, private videos can only be seen by the account owner, even if they are on the TikTok server. You can change the setting of a video to be public or private at any time.

Public videos can be shared by WhatsApp, SMS, Instagram or downloaded to the phone by the person who is watching it. Users can configurate who can see their content, follow them, and send them messages if they change their account status to private.

With a private account, users can approve or reject followers, as well as restrict access to their content only to their followers and receive messages only from them. If a user has a public profile, anyone who is registered in the TikTok application can view this user’s public videos. However, only followers approved by this user can send messages,” added Durán.

If users want to choose between having a public or private account, they can always block other users from contacting them again, save the videos as private so that their content is not visible to other users and enable restrictions for comments , duos or messages.

On Instagram, the first thing to do is in Settings go to the Security section and change the password and / or add additional security such as sending a text message at each login or using a security app like Google Authenticator.

On Facebook, people can avoid being tagged to avoid images they don’t like. In the Privacy and Security option in the application settings you can see and change the privacy controls at any time:

  • Comment control: To control them globally
  • Go to the Privacy and Security settings
  • Select “Who can send me comments”
  • Choose “Everyone”, “Friends” (Followers in common) or “Off”
  • Direct message control: You can choose only the people you know and trust to send you messages
  • Go to the Privacy and Security settings
  • Select “Who can send me messages”
  • Choose users

How to have a secure wireless network

Change the default password to enter configure the router from its administration screen and enter a password of at least 6 characters, containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.

Change the network password, enter a password of at least 6 characters, containing uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. The network key must be WPA2 type, depending on the router it can be WPA2-PSK or WPA / WPA2-PSK. It should not be WEP since it is not secure.

Filter MAC addresses, the MAC identifier is unique and has each device. With this, access to the network can be restricted to only devices whose MAC is authorized. Disable WPS, some routers have the option to connect using WPS, which is an 8-digit PIN code. This is disabled from the router’s administration screen. Change the name of the network to one that does not identify the make or model of the router or the Internet service provider.

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