How To Save Songs On Instagram

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    Just when you think Instagram can’t get any cooler, they give you a way to save songs on the platform. This is one of the sub-features of the Stories feature on Instagram. Instagram’s vast library of music, along with the ability to now import music from other music streaming platforms, now gives you more music at your fingertips.

    One of the streaming platforms from which you can import songs is Spotify. Instagram adds new music to its library daily. Now you can take advantage of that and import and save your favorite tunes easily and quickly via Instagram without having to use automated Instagram bots.

    Here are some ways to utilize this feature.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Stories

    This feature will work on any Android or iPhone, if your Instagram app is updated. Regardless of which device you use, the process is the same.

    • Open your Instagram app, and go to your Instagram Story by either swiping right or tapping on your profile image located in the upper, right corner of the phone’s screen.
    • At the bottom of the screen, you should see the choice to ‘Add Profile Picture’ or “Add to Story’. Choose the latter, ‘Add Your Story’.
    • At the top of the screen, look for the sticker icon that looks like a little turned up post-it note. Tap on that icon.
    • Next, tap on the ‘Music’ sticker.
    • A list of recommended songs will appear. You will also find different categories from which to pick music. Find the song you want, and tap on it to add it.
    • Use the slider bar to move it to the piece of the song you want to use. You can only use 15 seconds of music on Stories.
    • Tap on the ‘thumbnail’ to replace it with lyrics or to change the icon.
    • Now, tap ‘Done’ to finish editing your stickers.
    • From here, you can move the lyrics or icon by tapping it.
    • You will tap ‘My Story’ from the bottom left corner of your screen to post it to your feed.

    When your followers open the story you posted, it will automatically play the song you picked. The listener can also tap on the title to listen to the song in another tab.

    How to Add Music to Instagram Reels

    Reels is a newer feature of Instagram, so it is one of the easier methods of saving music to your Instagram.

    • Tap on the ‘+’ sign found at the top right side area of your Instagram home screen.
    • Choose ‘Reels’ from the bottom of the page.
    • From the list of icons on the left, tap the notes, or ‘Music’ icon.
    • From here, choose a track that you want to add to your Reel.
    • Using the slider at the bottom of the screen, pick a piece of the song to use in your Reel.

    That’s all you do.

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    How to Add Spotify Music to Your Instagram Story

    Spotify may not be the only third-party music streaming service you can use, but this is the process for adding music using your Spotify app.

    1. Open the ‘Spotify’ app on your phone.
    2. Pick a song from your playlist or album to add to your Instagram Story.
    3. Now, tap those three little dots found on the right side of the song’s title.
    4. Scroll down to ‘Share’ and tap it.
    5. Now go on and tap ‘Instagram Stories’.

    The song you picked will be opened immediately in your Story. If you need to make adjustments, you can do them from there. After you have made your adjustments, just post your Story. If your Instagram followers have Spotify, they can also open it in their app.

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    How to Add Music to a Post On Instagram – The Old Way

    Before the new feature was launched, you could add songs to your posts this way.

    • Start playing a song from your phone’s library or music streaming app.
    • Go to Instagram and open your story as the song plays.
    • Start recording/filming your story.
    • Make the necessary adjustments to your Story.
    • Post it now by tapping ‘Your Story’ from the bottom left corner of the screen.

    Using this method has no time restrictions. You can listen to the whole song in the background. You can also record as many of these as you like.

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    These are the newest ways to add and save music to your Instagram Reels and Stories. There is the old way to add music to your posts, but you still cannot add music to videos that you post the standard way on the platform.

    Due to Instagram’s vast music library and the ability to use your streaming apps, there are a plethora of tunes from a wide array of genres to choose to use these methods of saving music on Instagram.

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