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    Life is a mysterious path that we can travel in different ways, each to its own. I believe that life is a mystery because we cannot know what tomorrow will bring us. And although this may scare us a bit, it is also what gives it its magic.

    The human being has evolved by being cautious and trying to anticipate the possible problems that may arise. But it has also been our innate curiosity that has brought us into this technological century.

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    Whenever I think of life, I feel that it is a path. But it is not a straight path… Actually, it is a road full of forks, of paths that leave the main road, of slopes and descents, of valleys where everything is calm and of storms that carry away the old to make way for something new.

    And it is that in life everything is change, everything is creation and dissolution. Because if it were not like that, we would always be the same, we would not change anything or evolve internally. Change scares us; we may even have learned that changes always bring negative things, that it supposes the loss of the desired well-being.

    Sometimes we live the change from fear because it confronts us with the unknown, with parts of ourselves that we do not like, with childhood wounds that have yet to heal. And that is why our first reaction to change may be one of panic and fear.

    You should know that it is a first reaction to protect yourself, because it is easier to reject something that does not fit you. But if you give yourself time and space to see beyond fear, you will begin to observe that change is natural, that this situation could not continue like this forever… even if it hurts.

    And when we come out of that anguish and fear, we begin to live with curiosity.

    Living From Curiosity

    You may be wondering … What is curiosity? Curiosity is many things…

    • Stay open to what life brings.

    • Abandon “good-bad” judgments.

    • Accept things, emotions, thoughts and people as they are.

    • Become detectives to understand ourselves better.

    • Observe calmly to understand things and people.

    • It is to be accompanied by fear, but without being kidnapped.

    • It is looking a little further, entering the mystery of life.

    • Living with our inner child, full of wisdom and love.

    As you have seen, curiosity is many things and we have to make a conscious effort to live from curiosity. It is a worthwhile effort because in this way we stop living like automatons, driven by inner fears, by unhealed wounds. And little by little we began to keep up with life and its magic.

    Because to walk through life with curiosity, is to live it and experience it as it is. With what we like and with what we do not, with what makes us feel good and with the feeling of discomfort. Because by living life with curiosity, we open ourselves to everything, we accept everything, we connect to everything.

    The path of life can seem very long at times, especially when we suffer and feel that nothing makes sense. But life is also a gift, an opportunity to learn more about ourselves, to love and respect ourselves because, at the end of the day, that is what we are here for.

    Connect With Our Inner Child

    Our childhood is the beginning of everything; it is the moment when our mind begins to program. And that programming depends on what happens outside of us… on the attitudes of our parents or caregivers, the love we receive or stop receiving, the needs met or abandoned, the traumatic experiences that can happen to us.

    The fact is that we have no control over the programming of the first years of our life, because we are like sponges that absorb what is around us.

    From that initial programming, we create the mold with which we will live our adolescence and adult life. And there comes a point where we begin to feel that that mold is us, that there is no separation between our essence, our true self and that initial programming.

    But fear not… The boy or girl that we were, is still alive in us. The child is still alive, full of curiosity and joy, full of love and generosity. But there are also present the wounds that that little one or little one has experienced.

    And in my personal experience, the wounds of my inner child re-open from time to time until I decide to face what scares me, what makes me sad, what makes me feel bad. And by looking at the wound, I can heal it, I can understand where it comes from and why I have decided the life path that I have decided to take.

    At first it is scary to understand that there are open wounds, that the most important decisions of your life have been made from the wound and suffering. But there is hope. I can heal my wounds, I can understand myself better and I can consciously decide to walk my life path from love and not from fear.

    It is sometimes a lonely and dark path, but it is the darkness prior to finding my inner light. That is why it is necessary to connect with my inner child to go through life with curiosity.

    Because Curiosity Is Stronger Than Fear

    If you also feel blocks in your life and you think they may be childhood wounds, I recommend that you seek a psychologist to accompany you on this path of self-discovery, to reconnect with your curiosity. And if you think that online psychology fits what you are looking for, I remind you that I am available for you.

    Living from curiosity connects us with life…

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