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    Today, we want to show the recipes for these 5 traditional desserts of Costa Rican cuisine, which you can easily prepare from the comfort of your kitchen.

    Arroz con leche (Rice in milk)

    It is a very popular dessert, made with rice, condensed milk, and sweeteners like cinnamon and raisins.

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    -Boil 3 cups of rice in 3 cups of milk and another 3 of water.

    -Add cinnamon, hibiscus, cloves and fig leaves.

    -When the mixture thickens, add half a cup of raisin milk.

    -Add the evaporated milk, sugar and condensed milk.

    -You can add a little eggnog.

    Chiverre empanadas

    It is a traditional Costa Rican dessert; a classic for the Easter season.


    -Beat 3 sticks of butter together with a small box of sweet cream.

    -Add 3 cups of flour and 2 tablespoons of cinnamon.

    -Mix the dough with your hands and form circles for the empanadas.

    -Place chiverre honey in the center of each circle and close each wrap.

    -Bake the empanadas until golden brown.


    It is a crispy and traditional dessert. Our grandmothers used to prepare them in every occasion.


    -Sift 3 cups of flour and a pinch of salt.

    -Add 1 egg to the flour and beat.

    -Add water until a dough forms.

    -Form small balls and place them in a container and refrigerate 1 hour.

    -Stretch each ball and form circles.

    -Fry each circle in hot oil until golden brown.

    -Drain and garnish with sugar and honey.

    Cajetas de coco (Coconut boxes)

    They are delicious snacks, ideal for sharing with the whole family.


    -Heat 250 grams of butter, 2 cups of condensed milk and 2 cups of grated coconut.

    -Stir the mixture and let it brown.

    -Remove from heat and add 15 powdered Maria cookies.

    -Reheat on the fire until it thickens.

    -Make the dough into balls and line them with coconut.


    It is a delicious and refreshing dessert, prepared in the most traditional way.

    -Crush ice and add syrup to taste.

    -Add condensed milk, powdered milk, ice cream and cones.

    Our great advice: Go ahead and prepare these typical Costa Rican desserts in your own kitchen!

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