8 Yummy Costa Rican Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Sweet cuisine making Ticos and visitors happy

Costa Rica is a country known for its beautiful beaches and its commitment to protecting the environment, however, when foreign visitors step on Costa Rican soil they are amazed by its exquisite cuisine and typical desserts. That is why we will now present some of the delicacies of our Costa Rican cuisine that you should try when coming over to visit. Let’s start at sweetening!

Arroz con Leche (Rice pudding)

This is one of the most traditional desserts in Costa Rica, and those who generally prepare it are Costa Rican grandmothers and moms in their homes. But be calm, you can find this delicious dessert in any food establishment, due to its popularity. This dessert is made up of white rice cooked in milk, with cinnamon and a touch of fig leaves that give it a unique touch.

Los Prestiños de Antaño

This is an emblematic sweet plate of the Ticos, although it is said that its consumption dates back to the 16th Century around the Mediterranean. Its elaboration is with fried crackers, very crunchy, made of flour and sprinkled with sugar and honey.

Cajetas de Coco

Its preparation is simple because it consists of small butter mass balls, condensed milk, and grated coconut. The result is splendid you can never eat only one. This is a dessert that Costa Ricans commonly prepare for kids during rainy afternoons.

El Churchill

This is undoubtedly one of the favorites here and although it is a drink, its sweet and refreshing character makes it a very sought after dessert. It consists of crushed ice with fruit syrup, condensed milk, ice cream, and powdered milk. It is originally from the Puntarenas, on the Pacific coast; if you go to this town don’t miss trying out this delight. It is said that many Ticos travel to this area just to drink this refreshing and sweet drink.

Tres Leches

This is a dessert that is eaten a lot in Costa Rica after lunch, it is said that it is the best form of closing a good meal. It is a cake made from three types of milk: condensed, evaporated and cream. Its sweet character is also accentuated by a layer of chantilly cream. The perfect combination!

Empanadas de Chiverre

This dessert was prepared in the old days only on Easter, over time it became very common throughout the year. It is made based on a baked crescent-shaped wheat dough, stuffed with Chiverre honey, a typical fruit of the country, making it an exotic dessert and highly demanded by foreigners and locals.

Chiverre Honey

This is ideal for those travelers who prefer fresh fruits over sugary desserts. Chiverre honey is harvested locally, and exquisite desserts can be made from it. But just what is Chiverre? Chiverre is a fruit that looks like a very large melon, with a unique texture similar to that of a pumpkin. This fruit is eaten mainly in Easter Week and requires a lot of work and effort to cook. Its thick shell should be broken into pieces with a hammer so that cooks can reach their sweet flesh, which has an extremely fibrous texture, then the content must be left dry, and then cooked with sugar, tamarind seeds, cinnamon, cloves, citrus peels, and coconut.

Costa Rican Chocolate

Today, Costa Rican chocolate has become a delight in all the Central American regions thanks to its many Cocoa plantations in the country’s Caribbean lowlands. The chocolate industry has become a “must taste” requested by foreign tourists. Tico chocolate is the ideal companion in any dessert of Costa Rican cuisines such as ice cream, cakes and the typical banana dipped in liquid chocolate that you should not miss.

Undoubtedly Costa Rica has a wide range of desserts that adapt to all palates and tastes when you come to Costa Rica, do not miss any of these desserts mentioned above, we are sure you will not regret it!

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