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    The 5 Most Traditional Desserts of Costa Rica

    Today, we want to show the recipes for these 5 traditional desserts of Costa Rican cuisine, which you can easily prepare from the comfort...

    8 Yummy Costa Rican Desserts That Will Make Your Mouth Water

    Costa Rica is a country known for its beautiful beaches and its commitment to protecting the environment, however, when foreign visitors step on Costa Rican soil they are amazed by its exquisite cuisine and typical desserts

    Maracuyá: The Fruit of Many Passions

    Maracuyá, also known as the “Passion Fruit”, is a citrus fruit, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that protect the health of cells. It...

    4 Tico Desserts To Celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day

    In Spanish, It is often said that love comes through the mouth, on Valentine's Day, when the day of friendship and lovers is commemorated...


    Costa Rica is located in Central America, between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  It is known as "the Switzerland of Central America"...
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