We Return to the Past with a Good TBT

In the world of social networks, there are many symbols, signs, emoticons that become fashionable.

Today the most popular acronym of the time is called TBT, it is the trend to popularize all everyday experiences, and users have become famous for new technologies.

Throwback Thursday translates “Thursday to return to the past”, a trend that has gone around the world and, in summary, is nothing more than a publication that evokes moments that want to be remembered and that generally bring good moments.

Universal themes with the hashtag #TBT often contain something reminiscent of popular culture from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s like fashions, games, shows, customs, and food.

Origin of TBT or Throwback Thursday

According to the sports magazine Sports Illustrated, the publications on Thursdays became famous thanks to a blog called Nice Kicks, where photos of basketball tennis that were used long ago were posted: this series of posts was called Throwback Thursday.

The origin of the TBT hashtag is found on Instagram. Initially, it became popular as it was used to irony and humor of the ridiculous we combed or dressed many years ago. It didn’t take long to spread to the rest of the platforms.

Many famous people (singers, actresses, and actors, athletes, and influencers) posted photos of their beginnings. These photos were of their hairstyles, their haircuts, the clothes they were wearing.

It was taken as a custom and imperative to do it on Thursdays. And also that the photos should have been taken at least five years ago.

Currently, the use of TBT has spread and has had a world-class reach. The publications that allude him have been a trend and his popularity has not decreased since its inception on social networks that allow you to share photos.

Posts tagged with the TBT tags have millions of results and no longer respond to the fanaticism of NBA culture.

Since 2012 it has had a great boom and the numbers continue to grow.

The expression started as a Hashtag on Twitter and then proliferated on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, and Reddit.

What is it used for and what is its meaning?

The hashtag with the acronym is used to remember – through a photo – past times.

The idea is to laugh at an image from other times, evoke it, compare it with the present or long for it and share it.

On many occasions it is also used to joke with a contact who is involved in that photograph of yesteryear and to reinforce the idea, it is purposely labeled.

It is not only used with personal images, but one of the famous people’s past is also published.

Likewise, companies participate in the TBT remembering some important events carried out some time ago.

There is an unspoken rule that the image cannot be less than 5 years old.

Anyone late has another chance the next day with the FBF hashtag which stands for Flashback Friday. A phrase that in Spanish would be somewhat similar to Friday’s flashback and that is used on networks with the same logic as TBT.

By tagging a photo with #TBT, the past is evoked with fond, melancholic, or meaningful memories with sometimes exciting images for the entire community. This fact humanizes the person who shows what he was like in the past.

TBT is a hashtag that is also used with a sense of humor to show how ridiculous one could look with the clothing or hairstyle of many years ago.

Meaning of TBT on Facebook

When a hashtag becomes popular on a social network, it almost automatically begins to be used in the rest as well; and in this case, Facebook has not been an exception.

On Facebook, tbt means the same as on Instagram. Those photos published only on Thursday and that is several years old are tagged with the hashtag #tbt. For the sole purpose of laughing at yourself, touching your followers, or simply creating community.

The TBT hashtag seems to be here to stay. We will see if at any moment one appears that manages to surpass it in popularity.

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