Costa Rica a Place to Feel Nature

Costa Rica is the only country in the world that offers visitors the opportunity to explore its biological reserves.

The offer of beach and wild nature is added to a natural, rich, and sustainable environment, with a multitude of ecological lodging options.

Costa Rica is pure nature.

Walkthrough the tropical forest and sleep in a cabin or a tree or relax under the Arenal Volcano and witness its views and feel the calm and peace with the sound of the nearby waterfalls when having breakfast at an ecological resort.

Unparalleled experiences in the world revolt. The extraordinary sample of fauna and flora typical of the country are some of the best attractions that attract many visitors each year to our country, Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, you can discover a lot of natural wonders.

Discovering everything about the different types of amphibians that exist in its forests, strolling through the flower gardens, and meeting thousands of species of orchids and other exotic tropical plants are good examples of some of the plans that can only be lived in this part of the planet.

For something we are proud to be part of one of the most visited international destinations

Let’s live a paradise of divers and surfers.

Costa Rica is synonymous with peace and nature.

 Every year, travelers in search of unrivaled wonders travel to the country in search of unique experiences such as the archeology of the Guayabo national monument in Tortuguero National Park.

 And why not? Live the Canopy Tours experience.

 This experience consists of exploring the existing biodiversity in the treetops as you slide down the cables.

And if the visitor chooses to stay in an eco-hotel, you will be supporting the sustainability of the area.

An added value to the adventure of traveling in Costa Rica is possible.

Experience staying in an eco-hotel.

 It is an ecological hostel that is even more in contact with nature and experiences that fancy you almost impossible luxury such as admiring sea turtles on the beaches near the eco-hotel.

You can also get to see the chorus of howler monkeys immersed in the forest from a terrace, and best of all, it is within easy reach of the guest.

These eco-hotels have this benefit in cooking and examining outstanding features of nature, ecological, geological processes and others such as bird watching, vegetation, fauna, volcanoes, hiking, national park trails these eco-hotels have a huge responsibility that the country has taken with eco-initiatives, they have made it one of the best main destinations for sustainable tourism.

A single destination, a thousand adventures all are in one place, Costa Rica.

The area of ​​tourist interest in Costa Rica is divided. In 29 National parks, 53 wildlife refuges between state, mixed and private, 8 biological reserves and eight and a chain of protected areas that captivate lovers of eco-activities.

Little feline in the wildlife areas of La Amistad International Park

The offer of excursions and experiences is the most varied and includes walks on mountain trails, guided outings for bird watching, landscapes and natural heritage, horseback riding, forests.

As well as lakes, cable car rivers, sports visitors and visitors will also be satisfied with their activities such as trail running, surfing, and diving.

Costa Rica seeks to offer tourists beautiful experiences which educate the tourist or visitors about the importance of safeguarding the natural environment. Do not suspend your postpone it … Costa Rica awaits you.

Resonance Costa Rica
VIABeleida Delgado
SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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