Instagram Will Update its Policy on Nudity

Instagram announced that it will update its policy on nudity, especially on photos that show breasts, in reaction to the campaign launched by a plus-size model who accused its rules of being discriminatory.

“We do not authorize the fact of squeezing the breasts since it is frequently associated with pornographic content, but we know that mistakes in the way are made in which we apply the rules, especially towards the community of plus sizes,” said a spokeswoman for the social network in a statement.

The platform regularly receives accusations of excessive prudery and, above all, lack of objectivity in the application of its rules on nudity. These especially prohibit “fully exposed butt close-ups” or showing “bare female nipples”, but in several cases, moderators have suppressed photos of naked women showing their shapes or covering their breasts.

Discriminatory rules

These rules were denounced in a campaign promoted by British plus-size model Nyome Nicholas-Williams, which promotes inclusive fashion. With the new update, the contents in which a person simply hugs or holds their breasts will be authorized. “We hope that this policy change will end the censorship of black and fat bodies,” celebrated the model on Instagram.

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