Netflix Offering $2,000 a Week to Instagram Extraordinaires

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    Earn a total of $4,000 USD over two weeks just by traveling and posting pictures on Instagram.

    Are you an Instagram buff? Have you mastered the #foodagram, the #travelgram and your #selfie game? Do you want a grand sum of $4,000 USD?

    Okay, the answer to that last question should be obvious, but who would have guess you’d be able to make that much just by traveling the world and taking photos on your phone? Thank you, Netflix.

    What is Grammasters?

    Grammasters is a special program run in collaboration by two of the world’s most popular internet platforms, Netflix and Instagram. Truth be told, this year is the third year the powerhouses have offered the opportunity to “proven Instagram wizards,” as Thrillist so eloquently puts it.

    How will Grammasters Be Selected?

    Netflix will select 25 finalists on or around March 11, 2016. These finalists will be notified through Instagram and be required to complete necessary paperwork — including an affidavit of eligibility and a liability / publicity release.

    From these 25, Netflix will then narrow the selection to 4-6 ultimate finalists who will participate as this year’s Grammasters. This notification will be made on or around March 29, 2016.

    To enter, choose three of your best Instagram photos and tag them with #grammasters3 before March 6, 2016. You must also follow @Netflix. Applicants must be 21+ years of age and have a public Instagram account with a phone or mobile device to maintain it.

    A full list of the Terms & Conditions for Netflix’s Grammasters competition can be found here.

    Where will you go?

    This year, selected Grammasters will be heading to several European and the Middle Eastern locations to capture sets of popular TV shows and films. The Grammasters “may also give public relations interviews and make media appearances,” according to the official site. Netflix will handle all arrangements.

    Additional questions regarding Netflix’s Grammasters competition can be addressed to [email protected].

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