Smart Bracelet Ensures Maintaining Social Distancing in Public Places

The need to maintain social distancing as a tool to avoid contagion by Coronavirus has led to the development of a smart bracelet that guarantees to maintain a safe distance in public places

“In the middle of the Pandemic, one of the main preventive measures is to maintain social distancing,” Carmelo García, co-founder of the company that created the bracelet called Wardoo, said in a virtual conference.

García, along with four other young people from Madrid, who are expert engineers in communication and computer development, decided to contribute their grain of sand to the fight against the Pandemic and created a device that would help people keep their distance.

“In the end, it is not just a social distancing bracelet, it is a social awareness bracelet. We have to learn to live by keeping our distance and this bracelet is like a reminder”, says García.

The gadget in the form of a bracelet helps the person who wears it to be alerted about the closeness they maintain with regards to other individuals and, if it is less than 1.5 meters, it sends a sound that helps the person to realize that this distance is dangerous.

Andrés de Hoz, commercial director of Aspíliga, a Mexican-Spanish company that will market this smart device in the Latin American country, explains that this bracelet has a control application with which it will be possible to know how many devices there are in 3 levels of distance within the same space.

“What the device does is that it helps to collect user interaction data with other people simply and intuitively,” he says. The device, García explains, is useful since if any of the people who wore the bracelet tests positive for COVID-19, the system will allow to alert those who were at risk of contagion.

This bracelet is already available in Mexico and other Latin American countries such as Brazil. However, De Hoz assures that its sale is aimed at companies, sports establishments, and schools, since for ordinary citizens it would not be useful since everyone should carry one for it to work.

Also, he says, there is a risk that people could have the false idea of ​​protection and relax social distancing measures, which until now, is the most effective way to avoid Coronavirus infections.

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