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    Smart Bracelet Ensures Maintaining Social Distancing in Public Places

    "In the middle of the Pandemic, one of the main preventive measures is to maintain social distancing," Carmelo García, co-founder of the company that...

    Smart-Home Technology: Making Our Lives More Practical and Efficient

    We cannot deny that technology is already present in our homes more than we can imagine and has greatly facilitated everyday activities thanks

    Siri: Apple’s Virtual Secret Weapon

    Nowadays most of the smart digital devices that we find in the market have a voice command virtual assistant. Probably you've heard of “Siri”...

    6 Ways to Make Your Business Greener

    All businesses, large or small, should be making important steps towards being more environmentally-friendly –and this should continue to your personal life, too. Anything...

    Smart Technology Transforms Market Needs

    Technology has penetrated the current world to the point of becoming indispensable in the environment and in business. Its use and application have allowed...
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