Smart-Home Technology: Making Our Lives More Practical and Efficient

Thanks to the Internet modern household appliances seem to have a life of their own!

We cannot deny that technology is already present in our homes more than we can imagine and has greatly facilitated everyday activities thanks to the development of applications that allow us to control various functions through a mobile device, which makes our home a “smart home”. We invite you to know more about the characteristics of a house that applies technology to its benefit, aesthetics, and functionality. 

The advances of technology in the home

Technology is present in our homes with devices that we use every day such as television sets, microwave ovens, washing machines, coffee makers among others. These appliances have been evolving throughout history, for example, an iron press nowadays is a very sophisticated steam model that greatly facilitates ironing and taking care of clothes. The microwave oven has not radically changed its operation but has had an evolution in terms of design and timing mechanisms and aesthetics, the same happens with other devices.
Also, and even with apparent small or large changes these devices have a technological evolution that allows them to be controlled through mobile devices and computers for off/on the operation and activating certain functions.

These technological devices have also evolved rapidly; both in its functions and in its ergonomics thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence is the digital capacity installed in machines that allow them to perceive their surroundings and carry out functions that increase their capabilities autonomously (pre-programmed) in some objective or task. Smart-Home advances have been expanding its range and today we can find many houses hold appliances and furniture that auto-facilitates their adaptability to the user’s desires and needs.

Specific types of technology apparatus for performing Smart-Home functions

– Telemetry: It is a digitized distance command system, thanks to a program, a person can control the smart-home appliances from a distance and can indicate the tasks they need to do, as long as it is connected to broadband internet.

– Home automation: This technology allows interaction with the home through a cell phone and works similarly to telemetry. The difference is that you can perform the actions through a mobile device.

The Internet of Things

Today there are many technological devices in the home, which can relate to each other thanks to the “Internet of Things“. But what is the internet of things? It is the digitized interconnection of everyday objects to the internet. Looking to connect more things and objects for satisfying people’s needs.

Example of devices connected to the internet and how they work at home

– Surveillance cameras: These cameras have automatic sensors that warn us of any risk and although they are not something new, the design of recent models is perfectly integrated into the style of the house resulting in very attractive aesthetics, in addition to having more sophisticated functions. The cameras are connected to the Wi-Fi of the house network, so you can control them at all times.

– Smart lights: LED lights are already present in most homes allowing considerable energy savings, but they will continue to take the next step, which is to design an intelligent system with which you can control lighting at your leisure on any occasion. The lights can be controlled through the cell phone and other devices, just by touching the screen or through a voice command.

– Robotic vacuum cleaners: Tired of vacuuming the whole house, there is a solution to stop doing this (dull) task of the daily housework. Today we can get robotic disc-shaped vacuum cleaners that can be programmed to vacuum the home without having to move a finger.

– Charging Plugs: Here we can find wireless options that can be controlled remotely and others that have functions that can be manipulated through a telephone. The big advantage is that they can interact with each other (connection). Find the ideal balance between your family and technology and use it with awareness and discretion.


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