5 Household Objects that Weaken Your Wi-Fi Signal

Metal Objects Are the Worst Enemy of the Wi-Fi Network

A wrong setting of your router, a neighbor stealing the internet from your network, or a bad installation of the provider company can be the main causes of a deficient network connection while you are at home. But, believe it or not, objects present in your home are added to the list of factors that may worsen the wi-fi signal:

Objects that weaken the wi-fi signal

1- Microwaves. The electromagnetic frequency with which these devices work (2.4 Gigahertz) is very similar to the wifi, which causes interference.

2- Refrigerators and washing machines. The water they contain in their pipes blocks the wireless waves, the network does not stop working, but its power is reduced.

3- Cameras for babies. They are joined by wireless landlines and surveillance web cameras. These devices also share a wave spectrum similar to wifi. It is advisable to keep them away from the router.

4- Christmas lights. The Christmas season may be the worst for your connection to the network. Electromagnetic fields generated by decorative lights also weaken the internet signal.

5- Metal furniture and mirrors. Of all the items mentioned, the metal furniture is the worst. Their material generates very strong barriers against the signal that even prevent their passage, the same happens with glasses but at a lower level. It is very possible that you experience a bad signal if your router is on a piece of furniture of one of these mentioned materials.

So, before calling any technician, take these factors into account at the moment of checking your wi-fi signal. A simple change may better your internet connection!