Costa Rica: The Best Destination in the World to Discover in 2020

The Land of “Pure Life” Is Waiting for Your Visit with Open Arms

Costa Rica is a country that has positioned itself over time as the ideal place for enjoying the best time of your life, because it brings together a lot of diverse options, such as its impressive waterfalls, lakes, volcanoes, paradisiacal beaches and incomparable gastronomy, making the trip a unique and unmissable adventure.

Beaches of Costa Rica
Beaches of Costa Rica

If you want a tropical vacation that combines adventure, gastronomy, ecotourism, and culture, Costa Rica is your ideal destination. The country recently positioned itself among the best tourist destinations for 2020, according to ‘Lonely Planet’ magazine. It indicates that the country is one of the most sustainable destinations on the planet.

In addition, a quarter of our territory is protected, so tourists can enjoy the enormous biodiversity of the country. Here, we will mention 2 tourist destinations that you must visit within Costa Rica this 2020, which are:

Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano

The first place you should visit in Costa Rica is the small town of La Fortuna, which is home to the Arenal Volcano. This is located exactly in the province of Alajuela, one of the largest and most varied in the country. An important fact to know is that the Arenal Volcano National Park was created in 1991 and has an area of 2,920 hectares. It also has several trails and nature viewpoints, which allow the observation of much of the flora and fauna of the area, as well as remains of lava flows.

Arenal Volcano is located near La Fortuna de San Carlos

In addition, it is considered an aquifer recharge zone, providing 70% of the water contained in the Arenal reservoir basin, the country’s main source of hydroelectric power. The volcano has a height of 1,633 meters above sea level, standing out from the rest of the other volcanoes in the country, thanks to its almost perfect conical conformation.

What activities can I do at La Fortuna?

One of the most popular activities is to enjoy its natural hot springs, but many of the hotels in the area also have their own hot springs. As we mentioned earlier, this place is ideal for hiking; here, you will enjoy beautiful views. We recommend you to do it with a trained guide in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Another activity that is almost mandatory in Arenal is to visit La Fortuna waterfall. It is 70 meters high and is the most visited waterfall in Costa Rica. In it, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in its emerald waters. Best of all, if you know how to swim, you can swim there without any danger, because as the force of the waterfall pushes you towards the shore, even if you want you can get close to the actual drop.

The South Caribbean and Cahuita

The South Caribbean coast of Costa Rica is ideal for a beach vacation. Here, you will enjoy its white and black sand beaches. In addition, you will learn a little more about the Afro-Caribbean culture and cuisine that Costa Rica has. Here you will find the Cahuita National Park, considered by foreign visitors as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Forest corridor in the Cahuita National Park

Its main attraction lies in the white sand beaches, coconut palm, lush vegetation, coral reefs, swampy areas, and majestic mangroves. The park has the only well-developed coral reef of the Costa Rican coast, which houses a large number of aquatic species. It is located in the province of Limón.

What activities can I do in Cahuita?

If you are a lover of sports activities, on this beautiful beach you can do activities such as hiking, diving, snorkeling. In addition, you can visit the beautiful butterfly garden, in which the magic catches you. But if you like gastronomic activities we recommend the chocolate tour, in the indigenous reserve of Bribri, there you will be amazed and ecstatic about the rich taste of Costa Rican chocolate.

We are sure that, in the upcoming year 2020, Costa Rica will continue to position itself as the best tourist destination in the world. So you should not miss the opportunity to know among many others these 2 locations that we have just presented to you, to live a unique experience in your lifetime.

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