From Pura Vida to Pure Water: Why Water Conservation in Costa Rica is Pure Common Sense

    Beyond the flora and fauna, in addition to the landscapes and typical foods of Costa Rica, our water resources should be also positively highlighted

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    To Many Costa Ricans, Water Conservation is Simply a Way of Life

    The Costa Rican Resonance Movement“, motivated to educate on how to live from reflection, awareness, spiritual training and practice, has promoted the preservation and conservation of Costa Rica’s water resources for quite some time. Resonance has the purpose of developing an educational movement, due to the situation that our societies have been ill-programmed based on the fear of not having water, not being able to drink it, not hydrating adequately.

    Resonance considers very negative to the collective physique of the public those commercial campaigns carried out on the part of the industry of Sodas, Coca-cola and Pepsi Cola. It turns out; they use our water supplies to profit, selling a sugary product with absolutely no health benefits.

    Resonance is also educating the public that it is not necessary to go about their daily activities with a bottle of mineral (industrialized) water wherever they go, for the fear that if they do not drink “mineral” water during the day they will become dehydrated and even die because of that.  It is precisely a campaign of false fear to sell a commercial product (bottled water).

    Instead, we must educate the population for the safe use of tap water. Fortunately for us, Costa Rica has quality water and people can drink it from anywhere. Resonance wants to raise awareness among people to not spend their money buying a bottle of water, do not give their money to companies that generate fear with water bottle campaigns, in case you did not know they are contributing with additional plastic containers to increase the ugly face of plastic pollution. Therefore it is advisable then, that if a person wants to buy mineral water, refuse a new container, rather, do not discard and reuse them. The best option is that we all promote true recycling.

    “Resonance” invites you to recover old water bottles that have been used, disinfect them, clean them, fill them with Costa Rican water and reuse them. Costa Rica is “Pure Life”, for its water, its people, and its eco-conscious organizations, like Resonance, striving for a better more sustainable lifestyle, from the value, respect, education, and preservation of the wonders that belong to all of us and are part of our good earth.

    Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers

    The Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA), since 1961, has been an important part of the drinking water coordination, through the construction of the new sanitary sewer system for the San José Metropolitan Area, as well as the inauguration of multiple aqueducts all across the country. In Costa Rica, there are 275 national and local laws and regulations related to water resources and more than 1,500 service providers.

    In March 2019, when the United Nations World Water Resources Report 2019 was presented, the agency drew attention to the growing need to reconcile competition between commercial demands for water resources for communities to have enough to meet growing needs internationally.

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    1. the article is very shalllow.. does not mention how much clorine or floride is used in the water..why?

    2. As the largest (per hectare) users of herbicides in the world, I doubt that the water quality is as good as believed, since I am SURE that water is NOT monitored for very dangerous toxins such as Glyphosate (glifosato) or all the others which are used indiscriminately in both agriculture and simply to spray the roads.

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