Oscar Arias: Is the Former President Innocent or Guilty?

This year 2019, the former president of the Republic Oscar Arias, for the third time he -was- to the Attorney General’s Office, to the Public Prosecutor to appeal the decision to take a trial, in the case of the Crucitas mining project.

Earlier on two occasions, the judges decided to dismiss the possibility that the ex-plaintiff went to trial, one was on February 21 and the other on October 3 of this year. On both occasions, the Prosecutor decided to appeal.

Arias was charged with two crimes of prevarication between one of them: a fault stipulated in article 350 of the Criminal Code, which occurs when a judicial or administrative official issues resolutions contrary to the law. This offense is punishable by penalties between two and six years in prison.

Crucitas case

Oscar Arias was signaled for signing a decree in 2008 where he declared that the Crucitas mining project was “of public interest and national convenience”, he maintained that he believes in mining and how he was going to say at that moment that he was not in favor of the investment of many millions of dollars, which also, the accusations are – political issues.

The decree signed during Arias’ mandate was permissive to the cutting of trees (including the closed species) and the development of infrastructure works in protected areas.

In this regard, various environmental organizations have appealed the decision before the Contentious Administrative Court, which, on November 24, 2010, annulled the contract between the country and Industrias Infinito. The sentence was ratified in 2011 by the Chamber I, annulling the decree of Arias and forcing the transnational to indemnify the country for the damages caused in the environment.

The former president of Costa Rica has repeatedly described the process of taking him to trial in the case of Crucitas.

The decision of the judge of the Second Judicial Circuit was final, so the case must be filed.

What happened to the other accusations?

Oscar Arias, who was also Nobel Peace Prize, was accused of sexual abuse, allegedly seven ladies claimed to have been victims.

This situation was perhaps much stronger in the face of Arias’ political and social life.

We remember that in 1986, it was the first time that Oscar Arias presided over Costa Rica and that for many years he was considered one of the most respected and -democratic Latin ex-plaintiffs.

Allegations of sexual abuse were made by the doctor and anti-nuclear activist Alexandra Arce von Herold, the model, and former beauty queen Yazmín Morales. Emma Daly, the journalist and communications director of the NGO Human Rights Watch reported in the Washington Post that ex-president Arias touched her breasts.

Finally, lawyers concluded that the complaints were not full proof, when that happens it is not enough to condemn someone, therefore, a level of credibility must be had.

Arias had 2019 with his ups and downs, although, in the end, he had a – good news – his case was filed, will it be final? Or one for now … Perhaps Arias is one of the most-watched by environmentalists for the support of such a strong cause in present-day Costa Rica.

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