Smart Technology Transforms Market Needs

PHD Company launches a book intended for companies and organizations

Technology has penetrated the current world to the point of becoming indispensable in the environment and in business. Its use and application have allowed the creation of new branches of specialization in various activities. One of the fields that have transformed the most in the last decade is marketing.

The prominence that electronic media has achieved has forced many brands to adapt to the multiple changes in order to satisfy the high demands of the market.

The segmentation and reach offered by the use of the internet as a tool to reach the desired audience, has represented a huge advance for advertising efforts to reach the profile of the target clients, generating a better acceptance by the public and making the process a lot. more effective for both.

Currently, almost 4 billion people depend on screens in their daily lives, especially smartphones and devices. Alejandro Clabiorne, CEO of PHD, a leading company in the country in communications planning, planning, and media buying services, assures that as time goes by, the desire to be continuously online will continue to increase.

Group of people using their smart devices

What will technology bring in the future?

In the framework of its tenth anniversary in the country, the company PHD presents its new book “Merge: a gap that closes between technology and us”.

The text goes through the various phases that have marked the fusion between man and technology. The publication seeks to project what lies ahead and how brands will need these advances and new discoveries to maintain effective communication with their audiences.

According to PHD, the current world experiences phase III: Extraction, which will last until 2025. At this stage, the dependence on technology will continue to grow, to the point of suggesting a much more intimate and personal relationship with technology. Could users get to fall in love with smart technology?

In the real world, there are indications that some people could establish an emotional relationship with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the style of the movie “Her”, starring Joaquin Phoenix, which reveals a case that could already be happening.

In 2015, Microsoft launched a chatbot in China called Xiaoice designed to mimic the personality of a young teenager. This operating system quickly got more than 40 million users and 25% of these, came to say “I love you”.

In the United Kingdom, a virtual assistant called Robin was originally designed to give traffic advice and offer directions to truck drivers. However, it is receiving questions increasingly close to sex and love advice; many users treat it more as a couple than as a technological tool.

Clabiorne says that as machine learning becomes more intelligent, technology will go beyond improving the way in which information is extracted in the world and will be ahead of the needs, thoughts, and movements of consumers.

According to the recent publication, during the Advancement phase -from 2020 to 2035- the devices will not only count the steps and monitor the movements, but they will also monitor the vital signs and anticipate problems before the user knows that there is something that goes wrong.

This publication seeks to offer an important projection to understand the transformation of modern marketing and thus know how to adapt to change.

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