The Minister of Health Warns that “La Romeria” Religous Pilgrimage Can Cause Many COVID-19 Infections

The call made by the Costa Rican Catholic Church Authorities to the faithful for abstaining this year from traditional “La Romería” catholic pilgrimage, at least physically, was reinforced by Daniel Salas, Minister of Health.

This pilgrimage which tens of thousands of Costa Ricans make every year, for this opportunity could result in many Coronavirus infections, the Minister explained. Even the “Basilica de Los Angeles” remains closed, in order to prevent the faithful from congregating in its facilities.

As an alternative, believers in “La Negrita” (Virgin Mary) can make their pilgrimage virtually. “It is different this year, we ask pilgrims to refrain, due to the present pilgrimage from doing this activity. We cannot trigger massive contagions at a time when the health system is on the edge,” said Minister Salas.

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