Compliance With Sanitary Measures Has Helped Keep the Number of Coronavirus Infections in Costa Rica Low

Prevention is the key to overcoming COVID-19

Compliance With Sanitary Measures Has Helped Keep the Number of Coronavirus Infections in Costa Rica Low

Recently, the Health Minister of Costa Rica held a virtual press conference, in which he stressed the importance of complying with sanitary measures, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“The Golden Rules remain the same. If someone is ill, they should not go to work or any public place and expose other vulnerable people getting sick, older adults should try to avoid going to public places. The message remains valid, basic, and elemental. The risk factor of social bubbles, some people still do not understand.” This was stated by Minister Salas.

He also made a reflection, “We do not have to touch a fire to know that we can get burned”. “We are working preventively to prevent community transmission, to avoid people dying from COVID-19.”

Complying with sanitary measures to combat COVID-19

SalasOne of the keys to minimize the risks of contagion by COVID-19, is social distancing, constant hand washing, avoid handshakes, kisses and going to crowded places.

Minister Salas also highlighted that Costa Rica has 25,000 COVID-19 tests available. Also that in three months a number of tests similar to those available have been carried out, reason why he stated that they are is a sufficient amount to test for Coronavirus cases in the country.

Regarding those Costa Ricans who return home, Salas noted that everyone is sent to a mandatory 14-day home isolation order and the on-site test is applied to those with symptoms.

Costa Rica reinforces sanitary measures on its border with Nicaragua

One of the measures that has been rigorously implemented is the movement of people through the provinces bordering with Nicaragua. Ticos in these geographical areas will only be able to circulate until 5pm, this as a preventive measure because the neighboring country is not taking all the necessary measures to flatten its contagion curve.

Likewise, the Costa Rican government intends to curtail the migration of Nicaraguans who wish to enter the country illegally, in violation of health protocols, a very serious issue in these times of Pandemic.

Regarding how this border issue is being handled, Minister Daniel Salas stated: “We try to give a humanistic approach and try to manage this situation in the most responsible way.”

New Vice Minister of Health

To renew the Costa Rican Health Cabinet, recently the Minister, appointed Dr. Pedro González Morera as the new Vice Minister of Health, who has a Master’s degree in Health Services Management and a great track record of more than 20 years in this area. 

González will be in charge of various issues of liaison with health services, in addition to services in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, following up on the implementation of immunity tests, as well as accompaniment in aspects of epidemiological surveillance.

“My dedication to this position will be total, the work carried out by the Ministry of Health is always important, but much more at the moment we are going through. I already assume a commitment to all our citizens when undertaking this professional challenge with the greatest of responsibilities. I hope that my professional experience both in the CCSS and in the Ministry will contribute to the tasks that the Minister has appointed me,” said González.

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