Practice Speech-boosting Exercises at Home during this Pandemic!

Every child is different. There are no parenting manuals for your child. Even deciding if your child needs help can be frustrating. Your child’s speaking ability is no different. Also, working from home has made everything more challenging. So, how do you decide to look for help? Parents are open to new approaches, and the #1 educational app, Speech Blubs, is an app to help kids start or improve their speech. The app’s over 1 million downloads prove that it can help boost your child’s ability to make sounds, then words, and then full sentences – all from home. The app has an evaluative screener that asks parents easy-to-answer, but detailed questions about your child, and then provide a custom report on your child’s speech level and gives tips and tricks for dealing with them. The app is now available in Spanish and English and was originally developed with the help of 100+ speech therapists to boost the language skills of kids with autism, apraxia, and Down syndrome. Since speech therapists have been working remotely, too, Speech Blubs serves as a way to practice speech exercises between the long periods between speech therapy appointments.

Science-based Method

Speech Blubs uses the science of ‘mirror neurons’ as the basis for its teaching method. This just means a child automatically wants to mimic a behavior performed by a child their age. In the case of the app, it uses children “teachers” to teach accurate spoken targets that could be sounds, words, or even socially and situation-appropriate phrases. The child user sees a short video snippet of the peer teaching the sound, and then is encouraged to mimic that sound. The app asks parents to listen patiently, to then try it with them, and then discuss with their child any differences or successes. Research shows that kids learn much faster and retain information better by watching kids their age than by watching adults.

Good for Learning a Second Language

Since the Speech Blubs app has English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French versions available, the app can also be used to learn a second language. In bilingual homes, it’s not uncommon for parents to notice a speech delay, and to become concerned about their child lagging. The app can help bring kids’ English-speaking levels up to their more dominant Spanish-speaking level. The folks at Speech Blubs say that the app is an effective complement to dual immersion language programs, giving more contact with the language you want to learn. Also, parents are using it to improve their second language.

Two Apps in One

More to the point about using the app to learn a second language, Speech Blubs is now coming out with a second app at the end of July, called ‘Reading Blubs,’ that teaches kids to read. It also has an evaluative screener at the beginning to determine your child’s reading level and provides a customized report plotting the optimum reading path. This app is also included in the price for now.

Building a Community of Parents and Kids

Speech Blubs is also there for concerned parents, especially on their webpage where parents can find a small library of helpful information in their blog section that focuses on everything parents are concerned about during this pandemic. The list of satisfied ‘ambassadors’ and speech therapists provide an important resource for parents with questions.

So, if you’re running out of ideas of fun, educational content for your kids, consider trying Speech Blubs and Reading Blubs and let their experts do the heavy lifting about crafting helpful content.

The Speech Blubs app is available for iOS and Android, download today in your

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