The National Emergency Commission Decrees Yellow Meteorological Alert in Guanacaste and Other Parts of the Country

The atmospheric instability presented in recent days has generated significant accumulated rainfall, especially along the Pacific, Central Valley, and some sectors of the North Zone and Sarapiquí.

According to the IMN (meteorological) stations, this past week the highest amounts of rainfall (between 100 mm and 120 mm) were recorded in the surroundings of the mountains on the Northern Caribbean and the Northern Zone; while, in the Central Valley, and particularly in San José, amounts close to 80 mm were recorded.

This generated an increase in incidents, specific related to overflows and landslides, for which the National Emergency Commission (CNE) decided to decree a yellow and green alert for some sectors of the country, as follows:


South Pacific

Central Pacific

North pacific

Central Valley



North Zone


For this weekend, the influence of the Intertropical Convergence Zone could still be present in Costa Rica, favoring for rainfall to occur during the afternoon and part of the night.

Also, a low-pressure system might be present – also part of the Intertropical Convergence Zone -, remaining stationery off the coasts of El Salvador and Guatemala, reinforcing the rains in its surroundings.

The CNE and the IMN closely follow the Tropical Wave (N.2), which is expected to arrive with its effect throughout the weekend.

CNE officials called on people to remain vigilant and increase security measures. In particular, the agency asks that all people living areas near rivers and mountainous areas exercise cautionbecause of a risk of landslides.

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