Financial Education Portal Allows Costa Ricans to Promote Good Use of Their Money

To promote financial education in the population through development associations, the Ministry of Economy (MEIC), together with the National Directorate for Community Development (Dinadeco) and Davivienda, implemented a pilot plan with which these organizations can promote good money management practices to help more people achieve greater financial well-being.

The tool that will be used to develop the strategy is a free portal created by Davivienda, which offers interactive courses to learn about money management through good credit management, tips to achieve savings, based on a budget, the importance of insurance, electronic security measures, as well as financial terms, frequently asked questions and a guide to achieving goals.

“For the Executive Power it is a priority to support the implementation of the Financial Education Strategy and that people have greater criteria to make timely decisions on financial matters. Promoting the use of virtual tools in the face of a new normal is a necessity and we reiterate our commitment to work with supporting the efforts of partners such as DINADECO and Davivienda, and together contribute with a more prepared citizenry in the responsible use of their money,” said Victoria Hernández, Minister of Economy.

Development associations that wish to be part of this initiative can register using the form available on Dinadeco’s Facebook page. Among the organizations that are formally registered and endorsed by Dinadeco, 10 tablets will be raffled for use by the community organization.

Also, all registered associations will be given until September 20th to be able to motivate their affiliates and family members to carry out the six Financial Education courses found on the platform.

Those who get 200 people to complete 100% of the modules will be able to participate in the raffle of 10 purchase certificates in supermarkets for two hundred thousand colones, to be delivered among families affected by the Pandemic at the best criteria of each winning association.

Promoting financial education is a priority both for the Government of the Republic and for organized communities. With this alliance we want to encourage training and healthy practices in this area, using new and better tools for the population. This alliance is the product of a country strategy that aims to address a priority issue for Costa Rican society”, highlighted Franklin Corella Vargas, Dinadeco’s national director.

Mis Finanzas en Casa Courses

Members of development associations who wish to take on this challenge must register on the platform under a very simple process, for which it is necessary to have a tablet or computer and an Internet connection. Also, they must follow the following steps:

1. Enter

2. Select the flag of Costa Rica

3. Complete the requested information: name, surname, email, and in the space “place of work” put the name of the development association to which they belong.

4. Take the 6 courses found in the bar on the left of the screen.

Each one of the 6 modules of is created in a simple and easy language with duration of 20 to 30 minutes.

“At Davivienda we develop alliances so that Costa Ricans acquire more knowledge and skills that help them make informed decisions related to the correct handling of money. At the bank we are in a constant process of training, research and comparison of the best Financial Education practices to design proposals and adaptable content for the entire population, this is how we ratify our commitment to the future of the country and support families in the construction of their heritage”, commented Arturo Giacomin, executive president of Davivienda- Costa Rica.

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