VAKI Virtual Platform Arrives in Costa Rica to Support NGOs

    It is a strategic alliance between Coopeservidores and the Colombian fintech specialized in crowdfunding, Vaki

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    Coopeservidores launches the VAKI platform for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), in order for them to publicize their initiatives and receive donations. It is a strategic alliance, with a Colombian fintech specialized in crowdfunding called Vaki, which allows individuals or legal entities to make money donations to social enterprises or non-profit organizations.
    Organizations are registering on the microsite and people who wish to make their donation can enter and choose which of the initiatives they would like to contribute, all through a secure payment gateway and 100% online that does not require of paperwork or procedures.
    Organizations interested in registering for the first time on this platform to publicize their campaigns must be constituted, be non-profit organizations and have a bank account in Cooper servers (CS) or in a financial institution in the country that ensures receipt of the donations.

    An ally in technology

    “From Coopeservidores we are pleased to present our platform in Vaki, which is the result of the alliance that CS makes with a Fintech, and through which we continue to reaffirm our commitment to society and continuous improvement. With this platform, we seek that non-profit organizations in the country have an ally that will allow them, through technology, to obtain financial support from the community to solve their needs and meet their objectives ”, commented Vivian Arias, Director of Innovation and Strategy of CS.

    How to donate

    If you are interested in supporting any of the organizations registered on the platform, you just have to enter VAKI and select the one you want to benefit. Once there, you can donate the amount you want and do it from the comfort of your home, through the payment gateway that allows you to make contributions with a credit or debit card safely.
    Also, you can select one of the organization’s initiatives and donate only for that purpose. For example, if an organization makes efforts to provide a better quality of life for homeless people, you can support this specific cause on a recurring basis.
    When donating, you only need to create a username with your name and email electronic and, when you go to make the payment, you must include your card information, with which you can make your donations to non-profit organizations and similar initiatives.
    “At CS we believe that only together can we achieve extraordinary results, therefore, we promote the power of the community to generate well-being and support the country’s organizations to project and disseminate their work to continue building a better Costa Rica,” concluded Arias.

    About the platform

    The platform is a versatile and easy-to-use tool that allows non-profit organizations to share everything necessary to publicize their initiatives and expose any audiovisual material, as well as everything necessary to attract more donations and achieve compliance with their objectives.
    Organizations must establish the type of campaign they want to publicize, be it recurring, sponsorship or those that have a specific goal. In addition, they must indicate in detail what their objectives or goals are, the budget they have, and all the necessary information as part of their commitment to transparency and accountability for donors.
    “This alliance allows us to expand crowdfunding in Costa Rica and the rest of Central America to enhance its impact and access for more people. VAKI is the result of technology,’s years of experience and CS’s desire to achieve social change”, indicated Raíssa de Mello, Founder of Vaki.

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