Technological Advances Cannot Mean a Setback in Labor Competencies

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    “We are immersed in transformation in the way we work. More and more technology such as digital platforms, artificial intelligence and robots are at the service of working people. But in normal work we see how this technology is reducing certain work areas, to the detriment of the workers.

    “Technology is a tool in people’s hands, it is not a passport to another dimension or end. Technology together with job skills help society to adapt to new opportunities and changes. Organizations must walk hand in hand with new technological developments with a social reality related to their time.”

    Stable work must be at the center of the changes

    “For example, improving job skills in digital jobs should act to overcome inequality, not as a low-cost opportunity situation. If there is inequality, there is precariousness, a wage gap and an unfair valuation of jobs”.

    “The increase in the use of technology and the transformation of employment is not an automatic process, it requires time and investment. Organizations must ensure people’s work, access to training and the improvement of job skills in order to be able to bring innovation and improvements in this process”.

    Balancing technology and worker’s skills

    “With machines or without them, in labor relations the weak part is the worker, labor competencies are essential for this weak part to find a balance between technology and progress in organizations, the better prepared the person the more benefit will be to use of technology”.

    “Organizations must banish opacity in their staff and never lose sight of the human factor. If something we have learned in the Pandemic is to recover the essentials of people, in their work skills. Especially in essential jobs such as nurses, supermarket cashiers, policemen, food delivery people, who have improved their skills, implemented their knowledge and improved their experience in the short term, despite the technological and operational changes of their jobs”.

    The important role of organizations

    “The problem is not machines and technologies but the role of organizations to fulfill their role as guarantors of people’s well-being, so that they adapt according to their job skills. The setback or advance will depend on the leadership of the organization and not on the functions of the State”.

    “Behind a machine or technological platform there is a person. The more we advance in this direction, it will be shown that it will require qualified people to improve their job skills to obtain better working conditions, an environment with psychosocial health and a return on investment from this technological advancement”.

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