Workers’ Day: A Commemoration that Evolves over Time

This Date Is Celebrated on May 1st All over the World

Workers’ Day, also called May Day or Labor Day, has the purpose of vindicating the labor rights of men and women, these rights are consecrated in the constitutions of many different countries. Another of its purpose is to enact equal rights that benefit both sexes in the same way regardless of their labor status.

It is internationally known as “Workers’ Day” in honor of a group called “The Martyrs of the City of Chicago” (United States) who participated in the paralyzation of factories, in 1886. These protests were triggered because they demanded the reduction of working hours to 8 hours a day. These events ended in violence. A year later, 4 of these leaders (Georg Engel, Adolf Fischer, Albert Parsons, and August Spies) were executed by hanging.

This old picture, throughout the years, has become famous all over the world

The celebration in our country

In Costa Rica, May Day celebrations began in 1913. The initiative came from the General Confederation of Workers and the Germinal Social Studies Center, which brought together intellectuals and workers.

During the year 1920, strikes were carried out throughout the country and, in that same year, a law was approved that adjusted the working day reducing it to 8 hours. This arose from the result of an alliance between the then President Rafael Ángel Calderón and the Catholic church, then led by Monsignor Sanabra. Since then, this holiday has been commemorated in our country as a recognition to all those Ticos who, day after day, come to their jobs  increasing our country’s productivity and prosperity.

New types of jobs linked to technology

The scope of the technological world has drastically changed the structure of conventional forms of work that vary drastically the ways that we use to labor in the past. There are a number of aspects where this new trend linked to technology influences positively. Among these aspects are efficiency, communications, flexibility, and the valuation of time.

This new kind of work focus brings with it a new paradigm, which new professionals must face. Requiring greater commitments and developing new goals in order to adapt to the incessant evolution of the current marketplace.

“Thanks to technology, there is an increase in many kinds of jobs in sectors focused on creativity and leisure”, revealed a recent study by Deloitte. “Certain types of manual labor are being replaced, technological progress helps increase productivity and increases employment in other sectors, among these, stand out, the health, automotive, and services sectors”, .

Technological innovation brought with it the solution to needs that large companies demanded. This has generated new jobs with different methodologies. The Internet has become the ideal window to patent, execute and carry out different strategies linked to this type of new technological trends. This development, in turn, has been responsible for generating new professions or trades. Information input/output and web services sites are some of the new ways of working via the Internet.

Today, online jobs are breaking old paradigms to work

Among these new trades, some are worth noting:

Web Architect – This term defines those who are responsible for structuring a web page in the same way that an architect builds a house in the real world. Its goal is that the website does not fail. That is, to capture potential users on the website that manages and has developed new ideas.

Community manager – Although it is already a well-used and well-known term, It could not be left unmentioned. The concept refers to everything that has to do with the management and development of social networks. These networks are managed by communication professionals, whose job is to promote positive news of a brand or service.

User experience (UX). This term refers to configurating a site in a way so that the user who is interacting feels comfort and efficiency in achieving the goals proposed when accessing to it.

Currently, these new kinds of jobs are in expansion and are being carried out by journalists, engineers, designers, marketeers, or other professionals from all over the world in permanent communication among them. All workers, regardless of their tasks, play a very important role in society. Happy Worker’s Day! Keep enriching society with your contribution. We all can…

SOURCEYohander Rodríguez
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