Protests and Chaos Marked Juan Santamaría Day

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    Costa Rica New – Demonstrations and protests are becoming more common in Costa Rican and April 11 the theme was changed patriotism and celebration to a national hero to riots, protests and signs of anger for President, Laura Chinchilla and her government and the granting of route San Jose-San Ramon.

    Chaos gripped Alajuela with fevor never before seen by the Costa Ricans: roadblocks that prevented parents and their children to the Children’s Parade, a police fence of hundred yards from the President giver her total isolation from the community and potential violence from the protesters.

    Chinchilla says in her ads that “We are on the right track.” However, it seems that she see a track different from the Costa Ricans who took to the streets yesterday to protest.
    Mora Alonzo Political scientist considered the attitude of the Minister of Communication, Francisco Chacon, and the President, Laura Chinchilla, said the national press yesterday was extremely negative, especially after the speech delivered by the president, when journalists were beaten by the presidential security force while trying to get quotes.

    “That’s a bad strategy not talking, not communicating or close the doors to the media. That will not contribute to the improvement of people’s discomfort. This is a snowball effect, where many cases have been developed which have generated discontent,”, said Mora.

    Moreover, the political scientist said that the government must provide greater participation of citizens regarding the granting of the route San Jose-San Ramon.

    Those who did voice their anger over the events were accosted by the security. Jaqueline Solano, Journal Extra, turned up with bumps on his face. “Not the first time, we were hit,” he said.

    Alonso Solis, Clock Radio, regretted the attitude of the security of the president, who blocked access to the press with violence.

    Costa Ricans reactions were swift nor in social networks, most showed discontent with the government of Laura Chinchilla.

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