Puto Futuro: the Tico Virtual Dance Show that Reflects on the Pandemic

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    Puto Futuro is the name of the virtual university dance show that reflects on technology, reality, fiction and confinement around the idea of the future. The staging is a collaboration from University Dance of the University of Costa Rica and the School of Dance of the National University (CCDUNA).

    And why is the future ‘Puto’ (sucking)?

    “This work was created in the middle of the Pandemic; In other words, we go through complex, irregular and uncertain times due to the emergency. But also the nature of the work and the “running” of protocol solutions to achieve the specific research, production and composition. It was a process that generated great learning for us, each involved encountering a changing work path that detonated a versatile state for us. Each of these experiences contributed significantly to the artistic, interpretive, logistical and investigative content of the proposal”, said Kimberly Ulate Molina, artistic director and coordinator of the CCDUNA.

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    The “Socollon” (shake-up) by the Pandemic

    “One day we woke up and nothing was the same…. Denial, blindness, resistance to change, confusion … is this really happening? New values, new fears. Everything learned betrays us.

    “Confinement and virtuality. Do we use technology or does technology use us? Technology became our habitat, our ‘safe place’ and our self-confinement. A mental short circuit. System error”, added Ulate. These reflections are the common thread of the staging of Gustavo Hernández, dancer and choreographer of the University Dance.

    With him will be Mónica Masís Cisneros, Álvaro Murillo Fonseca, Juan de Dios Quirós Rodríguez, Carlos Mario Ramírez Cabezas, Jennifer Ramos Cruz and Michelle Sánchez Sancho, dancers from the CCDUNA, from the School of Dance of the National University.

    Puto Futuro” will premiere on Facebook and Youtube of the Dance Chamber Company UNA as of Saturday, March 6th at 7 p.m.

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