Cyber Security Fair Shows People How to Avoid Being Victims of On-line Fraud

The Costa Rican College of Informatics and Computing Professionals (CPIC) is holding the Cyber Security Fair this week. The objective of this activity, which is completely free, is to train people to avoid being victims of online fraud.

The activity is aimed at university students, the elderly, companies, entrepreneurs, professionals in information technology and computing, and the general public. Through the CPIC’s social networks (Facebook and YouTube), related courses, workshops and events will be held. The dynamic consists of two daily talks that will be given between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.

“Our approach is to share cybersecurity recommendations in an easy and simple way so that all participants have access to the knowledge and the most innovative aspects of cybersecurity in our country,” said Yenory Rojas, president of the CPIC Board of Directors.

Current challenges

Cybersecurity can become quite a challenge since technology is very dynamic and undergoing constant evolution. This fair aims to develop the main approaches to address a comprehensive strategy.

“What we seek is for society to better understand cybersecurity risks and the correct use of its information when taking advantage of multiple digital ecosystems,” said Gezer Molina, coordinator of the CPIC’s cybersecurity commission.

The CPIC is celebrating its 25th anniversary, so activities have been continuously developed for all computer lovers. You can visit the calendar on the website to find out about upcoming activities.

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