Costa Rican Artists Participate In the “I Biennial of the Metaverse”, Organized From Dubai

    Innovative virtual exhibition invites Costa Ricans to exhibit in a little explored cultural and artistic environment

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    Metaverse Biennale 2022 is an initiative of and C2 Communications to create an unconventional exhibition space, which seeks to experience and appreciate art in a more universal way by including immersive virtual reality technology.

    Designed to encompass a space that is logistically unfeasible in reality, the biennial covers 101 interconnected exhibition halls, allowing instant travel between them. Each room is named as a tribute to the great masters of art from five continents. This proposal in turn seeks to radically change the dynamics of the art and culture industry, in a positive way it would diversify and democratize art, making it more accessible than ever for any community. is an ecosystem at the service of the community, which seeks to help the creators of the Middle Eastern art and culture space to externalize their work, facilitating the new dynamics of buying and selling art around the world, focused on the digital space, at the same time of the approach and coexistence of people with the same vision and interests, managing to exhibit with more than 130 artists from 39 countries.

    Costa Rica present

    Six prominent Costa Rican artists were selected to participate in the event, Ale Rambar, Ángel Lara, Boreal, Diego Esquivel, Lucho and Man Yu, internationalizing their work and allowing a greater diversity of people from all over the world to appreciate their art.

    Until it closes in June, you can see the works of these 6 artists and many more at this link:

    The world of NFTs for art enthusiasts

    The creators of want to facilitate the introduction to the world of NFTs for art enthusiasts, whether they are artists or collectors, to be able to sell, buy and exchange NFTs in the simplest way possible, without the need to know how the blockchain or cryptocurrencies work.

    More about the Tico artists:

    Ale Rambar is an artist dedicated to creating works of art from layers of paper. For its realization, he analyzes human bodies and draws their topographic curves on them, one at a time. Use this technique to talk about issues of tolerance for the environment we live in, for the people who live in it and for our representations of love.

    Ángel Lara is a prominent sculptor and designer from Costa Rica, where at the Metaverse Biennial he proposes an innovative way of building digital sculptures, from the beginning contemplating making them like any other traditional sculpture, however, it did not take him long to walk in the opposite direction and work totally free and surreal sculptures, where no law rules.

    Boreal (Sebastián Arburola) is a Costa Rican artist who explores contemporary surrealism and neo pop, in his illustrations and paintings we can see celebrities, subversive messages, logos and other visual excesses, Boreal calls this series of compositions “Logolism”. He is the first artist who started selling his pieces as ARTE NFT in C.A and his first collections were sold in record time.

    Diego Esquivel (alias [ctrl_v]) is a New Media artist focused on visual arts that mainly involve the fusion of the physical and digital worlds, for which his work has been based on the use of non-traditional media, such as vjing, digital compositions, video mapping, and more recently augmented reality and virtual reality.

    Lucho is an artist, art director and video producer, his art is a mixture of nonconformity and self-reflection, mixing urban culture and graffiti lines with the figurative tradition of Latin American cultures, becoming a representative of an art far removed from the trends from the region, his proposals led him to be one of the 10 best-selling artists on the NFT platform during 2021.

    Man Yu is an interdisciplinary artist, humanist, vegan and environmentalist, Essential Ambassador of Costa Rica. Although painting has been the medium in which she has stood out the most, she incorporates multiple multidisciplinary media such as installation, video and performance. Much of her work focuses on raising awareness of issues through deciphering the layers of the human being. She has participated in important national and international exhibitions, with works in outstanding collections, such as the Postal Mail and the Ministry of Culture of China, the Hanwei International Group, the Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture, the National Bank of Costa Rica and the Airport John Santamaria.

    More information:

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