Tech Trends in 2022

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    The technology world is rapidly advancing. Many tech trends appear and change every single year. What we see now as a novelty becomes obsolete in a few years’ time.

    But what has the world of tech prepared for us for 2022? In this article, we will review the top tech sensations we will witness in the near future.

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    Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing is relied on by 94% of businesses to do their daily operations and will continue to be on the incline in the next few years. Microsoft and Amazon are major players in the cloud computing business, focusing on hybrid cloud services and improving security features in the cloud. The market could reach $623.3 billion by 2023.

    It is hard to believe it, but Amazon Web Service (Amazon’s cloud space for services) generates Amazon more revenue than their marketplace, probably the most significant online marketplace globally.


    Although cryptocurrency faced many restraints in 2021 – such as its inability to provide a high-tech solution to carbon emissions, China’s decision to restrict mining activities, and Elon Musk’s sudden rejection of Bitcoin payments – it has maintained its place as the center of global financial activities.

    The cryptocurrency market will also see some changes, with gold-pegged and dollar-pegged companies like USDT/Tether gaining traction. You will be able to buy USDT without worrying about the tremendous volatility of other non-pegged coins.

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    The Metaverse is a digital space where the virtual world meets the physical, real world. Through virtual reality (VR) technology, digital representations of people are connected on a digital platform and interact with one another through location-based audio and video teleconferencing. Not only can they engage in games and socialize, but they can also hold meetings and conferences in an immersive, voice-activated digital space. Exciting or not, Mark Zuckerberg is the big name pushing this industry ahead.

    Ethereum is the platform that makes it possible for transactions to happen, as all of the maps and routes in the Metaverse are technically dApps.


    Non-fungible tokens have become a new way for consumers to track, store, and trade their digital collectibles. Along with their growing popularity, there are more ways to trade and use these non-fungible tokens than ever before. They are an easy way for companies to create a digital asset with financial value. For example, you can turn your rare collectible art into a token, creating a digital asset with proof of ownership history.

    By the way, NFT characters are usually the avatars that are being used in many Metaverse apps, so there is a very close relation between cryptocurrencies, NFT art, and virtual reality.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Artificial intelligence has advanced significantly in the past decade, providing valuable tools and applications to several industries. The most notable developments are found in healthcare. With these technologies, doctors have a better understanding of patient health through personalized diagnoses. Doctors are able to provide more precise treatments for patients in need. On the other hand, manufacturing is also using artificial intelligence to a significant degree.

    Data Sharing will become easier

    A variety of new technologies promise to simplify data-sharing across and between organizations. The ability to share secure data with others within an ecosystem or value chain is giving rise to new business models and products. One such development is the rise of trusted data exchanges, in which consumers can choose to participate in pools or exchanges of specific types of data that they want to make available to companies they trust.

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    Everyone will have access to customizable software

    Platforms that allow even non-tech people to create websites, applications and entire ecosystems have grown in popularity. Because of this, many tech companies have pivoted their workflows to include these easy-to-use tools. This trend should be expected to continue because the need for cost-effective software will only continue to grow. No-code and low-code solutions will become more and more desired.

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    High-performance computing will become available for anyone

    The importance of big data research and analysis and cloud-based computing is evident in the recent surge in HPC usage. From drug discovery to cancer research to space exploration, high-performance computing (HPC) is becoming increasingly important. This trend will only continue as quantum computing technology keeps up with business demand. Big data research and analysis and cloud-based computing are both growing industries, with HPC usage surging due to their importance.

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    Technology will keep on evolving over the next few years. However, we still have to remember that we, humans, are in charge of it, and as such, we need to become highly responsible when shaping the modern world.


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