How To Prevent the Cell Phone From Becoming a Virus Transmitter

    Disinfection and storage are key

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    Cell phones have become extensions of our body, however, they hide a truth that we ignore. The journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease published an article on how cell phones represent a route for microbial transmission.

    The study found that cell phone screens not only contain bacteria, but also thousands of viruses, fungi and protozoa, and 68 percent of the cell phones studied had a wide variety of microorganisms, and some of these contaminants showed resistance to standard antibiotics.

    What to do so that the cell phone does not become a health hazard?

    Water and soap. The best allies

    According to the article in the journal Travel Medicine and Infectious Disease, cell phones are particularly receptive hosts to germs due to the fact that we never wash them and have them with us at all times. For this reason it is very important to clean our devices with soap and water.

    However, keep in mind that even if your cell phone says that it is waterproof, many times that resistance is lost over time. For this reason, it is better not to risk it and clean it with the damp towel and not directly from the faucet. But if you have an off-road cell phone, like all the smartphones in the Cat® portfolio (Caterpillar Inc.), you can wash it directly from the tap with soap, while you wash your own hands, thanks to its characteristics that make it waterproof and resistant to chemicals.

    Disinfection and storage are key

    The mobile phone is the device that we touch the most, as shown by the figures from the Dscout research agency, which found that a person touches their cell phone 2,617 times a day on average, for that reason, before handling it or bringing it to the face let’s keep in mind where we had it stored.

    If it was in your pocket surrounded by keys or coins, it is very likely that it is more exposed to viruses and bacteria. Also, remember that street vendor phones are even more likely to harbor this type of virus. For this reason, before using them, make sure to clean them with a little alcohol or disinfectant wipes. Or if you have a tough cell phone like a Cat® model you can use stronger cleaners like bleach to ensure it’s absolutely clean.

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