Aloe Drinks and Their Health Benefits

    Water is essential in all living cells in the body and provides a wide variety of benefits

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    Our body is made up mainly of water. Whether we consume water from food or drink, it is vital for optimal daily functioning.Water is essential in all living cells in the body and provides a myriad of benefits ranging from metabolism and temperature regulation to digestion and lubrication of the joints.

    The markets are full of colorful juices, carbonated sodas and energy drinks that are readily available to consumers, but many do not realize that these products contain sugars, fats and salt in large quantities. So the benefit of hydration is overshadowed by the risk of poor nutrition.

    The importance of hydration for gut health

    For those on a balanced diet, more than 70% of fluid intake comes from beverages such as water, coffee, milk, juices, sodas, and tea. Most people do not realize that a significant amount of fluid is consumed through daily food intake. Almost all foods contain some water, but fruits and vegetables are especially rich in water, which makes them a good choice to consume.

    From start to finish, water is an integral part of the digestive process. We all know that sodas, energy drinks, and coffee mixes can be high in sugar, defeating the purpose of consuming them.

    The big question is: what healthy options do consumers have, other than water? There are many healthy plant-based nutrients that can be added to plain water for a delicious and refreshing drink. Aloe vera is a great example.

    The benefits of aloe juice

    Aloe juice, made from the aloe vera plant, is a beverage that supports hydration needs while providing digestive benefits. The natural aloe vera plant contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients which are health-promoting compounds found in plants.

    Today, consumers can take advantage of the benefits of aloe in many forms (juice, concentrate or extract powder) to mix it with other beverages such as tea or water. Adding it to your drink of choice can help you stay better hydrated and also get the digestive support you need.

    Aloe Vera provides the following benefits:

    • Promotes good digestion.
    • It favors the absorption of nutrients.
    • Supports overall intestinal health.
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