APP Would Allow the Virtual Adoption of Animals Rescued in Costa Rica

    Two organizations with up to 320 animals are already part of the initiative

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    Through an application, people from all over the world will be able to “virtually adopt” animals rescued in Costa Rica and take financial responsibility for their care until they find a physical home.

    Pawtocol is an American company specializing in pets that recently announced the creation of this initiative to raise funds and donate them to animals that live in shelters. Said company has a global online community of pet lovers.

    To achieve the objective, the company will donate identification plates to Costa Rican shelters that will have “a collectible and personalized card for each animal (NFT)”

    National shelters

    So far, there are two national shelters that have already confirmed that they will be part of the initiative: Animal Association of Assisi, which has 200 dogs and 20 cats for virtual adoption, and Kittens to the rescue, which has 100 of these animals.

    NFTs are digital assets that cannot be interchanged and will allow the animal to be identified, its medical data transferred and the information stored. The application would be available starting next week and would allow both foreigners and Costa Ricans to invest safely through the application’s own cryptocurrency.


    Potato is the first kitten rescued from Costa Rica to have an NFT. “Potato” grew up in a prison where inmates beat and abused him. After being rescued, his fear of humans was a notable trauma. Now, six months after living at the Kittens to the Rescue shelter, he has regained his confidence and is ready for virtual adoption.

    In other words, anyone in the world can adopt him virtually through the Pawtocol App, buy his NFT card and donate the money to the shelter to provide him with the necessary care”, explained the organization. If you want to know more about this organization and the initiative, you can visit their website through this link.

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