Master Windows 10 with A Few Hidden Tricks

Be it, an old user, or a new one, there are a bunch of old and new tips, hidden features, or the tricks, which you might not know. However, if used right, these hold the potential to make your laptop work smoother and faster. Now that all of us are working from home because of quarantine, COVID-19, and lockdowns, we would all want our laptops to be a little more productive.

Typically, Microsoft never publicizes its hidden features like Apple usually does. As a result of this, it might often seem a little difficult for you to avail the most out of your machine for everyday use. So, hopefully, these tips and tricks will be beneficial for you.

Minimize all the windows and keep only the active one in front of you

In case your desktop screen looks cramped up with too many open tabs, you’ll want to quickly minimize all of them, and rather stick to the one where you are currently working. For this, you’ll have to click onto the title bar of the window that you wish to keep open. Next, you’ll have to move your mouse down and then quickly move the window back and forth, as you would when you shake it. So, after a bunch of some shakes, all the other windows will minimize, and there’ll be only one window opened in front of you. Olivia, who is a math tutor, and offers online do my math homework help, says that when she’s working she has a habit of keeping a lot many tabs open, and that takes away the focus from the main tab she’s working on, so this shaking hack completely came as a savior for her.

Open your secret Start Menu

We all know that to open the start menu, we press onto the Windows icon located at the bottom of the screen or on our keyboard. However, what many do not know is that Windows 10 also has a secret start menu. Yes, you read that right. Hannah, a college student, who recently approached TopAssignmentExperts to avail of statistics homework help by TAE, says that finding out about the Secret Start Menu that gives her quick access to the Task Manager, Control Panel, and Command Prompt has been like a dream. It does make the functioning a lot smoother and better. You can access the Start Menu in three ways, by right-clicking on the Start Button or the Windows Icon or by holding the Windows key together with the X button.

Create an event without even opening the Calendar app

With the latest update from Windows 10, you can now quickly add events to the Microsoft calendar right from the Taskbar. What’s important to know is that for this, you don’t even have to open the calendar. To do this:

  • Go to the Taskbar, and click onto the box with the date and the time in the right corner.
  • Press onto the date wherein you want to schedule the event.
  • Next, enter the location, time, and event name.
  • You can click save, and then the event will automatically appear in the Calendar app in all your devices.

Sonya, a professional who works with EssayWriter4U, says that she marks all her deadlines in the calendar, and this hack, certainly helps her save some time.

Take a screenshot

Yes, we know it is a basic feature, but a lot of people still don’t know about it or forget it because they do not use it enough. Windows 10 has 8 different ways to let you take a screenshot. So, if you have to take the picture of the entire screen, you can do it by clicking on to the Windows button in combination with the Print Screen button. This screenshot will be automatically saved in the Screenshot folder of your Pictures. However, if you wish to capture only a section of the screen, you’ll have to click onto the Windows button, along with the Shift Key and the S button. This will open a tool known as Snip and Sketch. With this tool, you can quickly drag and click to capture a screenshot. This image would be saved in the Clipboard.

Open items on the taskbar using the keyboard shortcuts

Those of you who have pinned a few programs to the Taskbar towards the bottom of the screen to create a shortcut, you don’t need to click onto the icons for opening them. You can rather use the keyboard shortcut. To do this, you’ll have to press onto the Windows Key, along with the Number Key; this number would be the one corresponding to the position of the program on the Taskbar. For instance, if you press Windows Key together with the 4 number button, you’ll open the 4th item on the Taskbar. Naina, a homework expert, employed with TrumpLearning, says that she has her handset on the keyboard, so she naturally prefers keyboard shortcuts over anything.

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