Optimal Hospital Care is a Key Factor for Recovering Patients From COVID-19 in Costa Rica

Optimal Hospital Care is one of the Key Factors for Recovering Patients From COVID-19 in Costa Rica
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The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken hold throughout Latin America with the increase in cases of contagion and Costa Rica does not escape this situation. However, our nation continues to fight hard to control the levels of infections and has emphasized hospital care as a key measure for the recovery of patients.

Recently, the Tico health minister Daniel Salas indicated that more than 3,500 people have managed to overcome the disease, with an age range of zero to 96 years. This is an encouraging fact that has been thanks to having a health system that guarantees quality medical care for all its citizens.

Having a bed available in a health center makes the life/death difference for a patient with COVID-19

For patients who have overcome the disease, having a bed in a medical center was what made the difference of them being alive. One of these people recovered after contracting the COVID-19 virus is Angerie Gonzales, who tells us: “If I were not attended in a hospital, I would be dead, in addition to the good medical attention I received.”

Angerie spent 48 days hospitalized in the San Juan de Dios hospital, the oldest medical institution in the country. Of all these days interned, 15 of them I spend in intensive care. And once recovered from the Coronavirus, she had to return to the hospital again, but this time due to bacterial infection. Angerie is very grateful and says she feels lucky for all the medical attention received and that they “gave her life again.”

This hospital center went from having 30 patients with COVID-19 to more than 100 in just the last few days. It should be mentioned that San Juan de Dios covers the cost for all medical care directly to more than 800,000 inhabitants of the metropolitan area and to an additional 400,000 more indirectly.

It is important to highlight that, despite the increase in the number of people infected with Coronavirus, currently the country’s health authorities are doing everything necessary to timely care for all those who unfortunately have been infected.

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