Remote Work is Here to Stay: These are Some Recommendations to Achieve the Desired Efficiency

    Allowing secure access to business information from personal devices is essential

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    We are one year after the global health emergency began, and we still have a long way to go before we get back to where we were. However, it would be necessary to wonder if it would be better to evolve towards a work model in which people carry out their daily tasks from the place they choose, which is even beginning to be seen in some countries, through changes in labor laws, as well as an acceleration in regard to the digitization of public and private organizations.

    However, here many doubts arise regarding the possibility that employees have access to secure networks and also have the same capabilities as those existing in their original workplaces.

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    Here are three recommendations to achieve the desired efficiency in remote working and that can even be used in other areas, such as education and health:

    1.- For the organization to be prepared for remote work, a good plan is needed, so it is important to:

    Use a VPN.

    Enable WiFi everywhere.

    Allow secure access to business information from personal devices.

    Improve productivity based on analytics.

    Serve your customers from anywhere, offering the same experience.

    2.- It is necessary to use the appropriate tools so that you have an experience equal to that of an office like:

    Use noise canceling headphones

    Adequate equipment for the work day

    Fast, agile and efficient connectivity

    Collaboration platforms that allow you to generate a personal experience in virtual meetings.

    Simplify remote work by extending the corporate network to locations outside of the main offices, either in branch offices or at home to securely connect to the corporate email server, cloud applications and voice communications and / or video as if they were at headquarters.

    3.- In addition to the technical part, practices in human relationships should also be improved, such as:

    Schedule periodic meetings to find out the status of the projects.

    Use collaboration tools.

    Embrace informality. We are all improvising home offices, making efforts to optimize our home environment, thereby creating a culture where technical issues are addressed in a positive way.

    Have social activities remotely to integrate people outside of professional obligations.

    Relocate to beach work remote
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