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    Narwix Company Powers Development

    blue whale narwix

    Main technological trends for 2020.

    Technology has changed the world in many ways in recent decades and it could be said that even our personal lives have helped to...

    Franklin Chang Díaz: Astronaut, Engineer, Physicist, Entrepreneur

    To say anything about Franklin Chang is to fall short. The astronaut with more space missions (seven, between 1986 and 1992)

    Google: a Digital Corporate Giant with Very Humble Beginnings

    The foundation and expansion of "Google" is the classic history of the Silicone Valley

    Internet and Digital Technology to Further Costa Rica's Education

    Some schools have taken on the challenge of implementing educational proposals with new technologies, from the use of mobile devices to the use of computer labs in a much more integrated way

    Costa Rica Leads Latin America in Technology And Innovation

    Our country was among the middle-income economies that exceed in innovation in relation to their level of development, being the only country in Latin...

    Costa Rica Promotes Its First “Green Technology” Fair

    The 1st International Fair of Green Technologies in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (FIVERAC) was held at the Costa Rica Convention Center, this exhibition is...

    Solar Energy in Costa Rica, Its Present Status and the Aim for Future Growth

    Everything has a purpose in life, which is why from The Costa Rica News (TCRN), we want on this occasion we want to analyze...

    Internet Cookies: Find Out What They Are and What They Do With Your Data

    It is important to know the main reason for the immense impact of the Internet in contemporary society: "Internet is open to all". For...

    Siri: Apple’s Virtual Secret Weapon

    Nowadays most of the smart digital devices that we find in the market have a voice command virtual assistant. Probably you've heard of “Siri”...

    Costa Rica Moves Forward by Betting On 5G Technology

    The 4th Industrial Revolution is a phenomenon around the world and Costa Rica does not shy away from it. That is why the country...
    costa rica internet

    Fiber Optic and Wireless Connection in Costa Rica

    End-to-end connections guarantees more speed “End-to-end Internet connection establishes a connection between the provider and the customer. That type of connection is not shared with...
    costa rica internet

    Computer and Internet Access for Tico Families

    About 128 million dollars will be invested in Costa Rica in the Hogares Conectados plan, which grants subsidies for a computer and Internet access...
    Difacom Mariana Brenes Greivin Fallas Cyclitech JEC

    Couple Pedal Their Way To The Top With Difacom

    Progress is a wonderful thing, it makes you think back on how fast it goes. Five or six years ago the smartphone era started...
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