Costa Rica Moves Forward by Betting On 5G Technology

The future of telecommunications is here and our country is at the forefront of it

The 4th Industrial Revolution is a phenomenon around the world and Costa Rica does not shy away from it. That is why the country is currently betting on the implementation of 5G technology that will bring great benefits for its connectivity, productivity, competitiveness and socio-economic development that will enhance the sustainability of the nation.

Regarding this technology, the Minister of Science, Technology and Telecommunications of Costa Rica, Luis Adrián Salazar said: “The administration of President Carlos Alvarado Quesada, has entrusted us to consolidate a digital transformation strategy, which identifies the initiatives and the disruptive technological proposals that allow creating a national digital ecosystem that enables greater equity of opportunities and benefits for citizens, businesses and the Costa Rican State “.

Salazar also commented “The Digital Transformation Strategy for “Costa Rican Bicentennial 4.0″ has six strategic axes: “Pura Vida Digital”, “Digital Government”, “Business Transformation 4.0”, “Innovative Society”, “Good Governance” and “Connected Costa Rica”. All this to be leaders in Central America in the area and projected as an innovative and avant-garde country. That is why the operators “Claro” and “Kölbi” announced the start of 5G technology technical tests for this year in the country. Related to this issue, Minister Salazar said: “in the last 10 years in the Costa Rican telecommunications market, maturity has been achieved to have adequate conditions of competition and a productive climate that favors the economic growth of companies”.

Importance of 5G technology for Costa Rica.

One of the benefits of implementing 5G mobile technologies is its high speed for downloading digital files, from documents to movies and new services such as virtual reality and the “Internet of Things” (IoT). Also the Deputy Minister of Telecommunications, Edwin Estrada explains: “This technology will help all sectors of the economy to enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It will also provide sufficient robustness to create and strengthen smart cities, the Internet of things, the applications that are needed and that technology is made more available to all citizens.”

He also affirms “As Costa Rica sets up the network; it will give greater possibilities for the country to become more competitive, achieving more opportunities for development and thus improving the living conditions in our nation.”

It is important to highlight that for the implementation of this technology, the government must work homogeneously to involve all its ministries and also all the financial sectors of the country, both public and private, to consolidate the “smart cities” project. “The fourth industrial revolution involves the automation of various processes and systems, also, it would be an essential factor for the generation of research and knowledge, seeking solutions for certain problems, using the platform characteristics of the new network,” said Vice Minister Estrada.

Benefits of 5G technology.

According to experts in the field, with 5G technologies, your phone will have a faster connection: it will be about 10 times faster than 4G, that is, you can stream an 8K video or download a 3D movie in 30 seconds. But this technology will not only impact your cell phone it will help everything to be interconnected, causing the delay time between devices and servers with which people communicate to be reduced to almost zero.

It is important to know that 5G technology needs to travel in very high-frequency radio waves. These higher frequencies have faster and wider band speeds. But they have the disadvantage that they cannot travel through walls, windows or roofs, and they become considerably weaker over long distances. That is why to implement, it will be necessary to install thousands – or perhaps millions – of miniature cell towers above each lamppost, next to the buildings, inside each home and potentially in each room for this technology to function in all its splendor.

The implementation of this technology in Costa Rica will be an ambitious endeavor that requires very large investments, but that undoubtedly will bring countless benefits for the country and all its citizens.

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