Changes that Human Beings Would Suffer from the Excessive Use of Electronic Devices

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    Hunchbacks, with longer necks, and claw-shaped hands; this is what human beings would be like in the year 3000, according to a simulation carried out by TollFreeForwarding, a US telecommunications company.

    Changes that Human Beings Would Suffer from the Excessive Use of Electronic Devices To support its statement, the company based itself on the opinion of experts in science and health and designed a 3D model called Mindy.

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    Victims of physical transformation

    The hunched back would be the result of spending hours in front of a monitor, while the elongation of the neck would be obtained by how we bend down to see cell phones. In the case of the hand, the claw shape it would take would be due to the way we hold cell phones.

    And there is more: the elbows would always be at a 90-degree angle, due to “the typical position of the arm when holding and using cell phones, either for general use or for long phone calls”, TollFreeForwarding assured.

    The skulls would be thicker, to protect the brains from the radio frequencies of cell phones, although the latter would also transform: they would be smaller due to a sedentary lifestyle.

    Finally, a very drastic change would occur in the eyes: another pair of eyelids would develop to protect against the artificial light of technological devices.

    Will we have additional mental effects?

    More than the use of digital devices, people would see their social skills affected by the applications in which they interact thanks to electrical devices. TollFreeForwarding asserted, always based on experts and studies, that humanity would need cell phones and computers to communicate and interact.

    Likewise, labor productivity would be affected by lack of sleep, which would be triggered by the radioactivity received from the devices. “Technology and the use of social networks, for example, make us prone to anxiety and stress”, the simulation concluded.  

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